New Year Reading Resolution 2011

I vow to challenge my reading repertoire in the year 2011 by choosing books by new authors, classics I’ve always wanted to read, literary award winners or those short listed and new genres! As my day job tends to be mentally and emotionally draining, I do tend to drift towards novels considered light reading- lots of chic fiction. Unfortunately I am frequently disappointed by the literary quality of these books and the unitary theme of infidelity in this genre which can be quite depressing and mundane.

So, I have compiled my own short list of books to read in 2011 (definitely not limited to these only!) in between the fluffy reads to enhance my literary coverage. I’ll also endeavour to support Australian writers in the next 12 months. 

  1. Howard Jacobson- The Finkler Question (Man Booker Prize winner)
  2. Monica McInerney- Talented Australian author I would love to read more of
  3. Bryce Courtney- Again, talented Australian author, want to read more
  4. Tim Winton- as above
  5. Melanie La’Brooy-  Intelligent and comical chic writer from Melbourne
  6. Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park- last one left to read of the Austen collection
  7. The Bronte’s- it’s embarrassing that I have never read a Bronte book (and I say I’m a book lover!)
  8. Fleur McDonald- New aussie fiction that has some appeal for me
  9. Marlena De Blasi and Frances Mayes- I just love travel literature, especially when it is set in Italy!

I also hope to post weekly posts in 2011 to get this blog up and running!

Would love to hear your views and suggestions, just drop me a line.

Best wishes in 2011 and happy reading!


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