Book Review- Tuscan Secrets

Tuscan Secrets: A Bittersweet Adventure

Marlena de Blasi- Tuscan Secrets (2004)

Tuscan Secrets is the sequel to de Blasi’s first Italian adventure, A Thousand Days in Venice. After selling their Venetian home and her husband Fernando resigning from his banking job, he and Marlena head south in search of a home in San Casciano, a small Tuscan town.

They settle into the rural lifestyle with unlikely companions Barlozzo and Floriana who are town locals and teach them to appreciate the small things in life. Marlena is a chef and food critic and very much in line with her first memoir, Tuscan Secrets explores the depths of taste and how food can bring people together.

Although it is not a tale of excitement or drama, it does have a nice flow and if you are a food lover and a travel nomad then you will enjoy how the Tuscan culture and their love of food is entwined throughout the story line. Plus there’s the added bonus of Marlena’s mouth-watering recipes and plenty of Italian vocab learning opportunities. I have finally learnt how to properly pronounce bruschetta!

I really enjoy Marlena’s Italian memoir series which combines my favourite things in life- travel, culture and good food.



  1. […] Review: Amandine is Marlena De Blasi’s first novel following much success with her travel memoirs that tell a tale of her falling in love with a Venetian man and moving to Italy where she moves from Venice to the countryside. I really quite enjoy De Blasi’s writing style which is full of rich pose and poetic descriptions of sceneries, cultures and cuisine. See my reviews for A Thousands Days in Venice and Tuscan Secrets. […]


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