Book Review- The Rouseabout

The Rouseabout

Rachael Treasure- The Rouseabout (2007)

Kate Webster is an outgoing country girl in Tasmania who is trying to deal with the death of her mother. After a wild night out at a Bachelors and Spinsters Ball where she is dared by her best friend to snare local farm boy Nick McDonnell- she finds out she is pregnant.

At only 20 years old, she leaves her old life behind and escapes to the Mainland to raise her daughter, Nell. She struggles to meet the expectations of motherhood and her various responsibilities following the loss of her own mother.

When Kate runs out of chances at her workplace she is transferred back to Tasmania where she is forced to face her father and his new family as well as Nell’s father. She quickly falls back into place on her family farm, finally feeling like she has a purpose. Kate feels hopeful about getting her mother’s seed business up and running with the help of her older brother Will, until he has an accident that leaves Kate feeling a wave of overwhelming loss yet again.

Kate is continually questioning her identity whilst trying to provide a stable life for her daughter but her impulsitivity severs the little support she has left. This story is about how Kate learns about love, the importance of motherhood and how one moment can change your life forever.

I really loved this outback novel and was quite intrigued with the storyline, never quite knowing what would happen next. The unpredictability was a nice change and there is a genuine feel that the characters grow within the story.

If you would like to be impressed by Tasmanian local, Rachael Treasure’s rural tale then read The Rouseabout.


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