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Today on The Australian Bookshelf we have author Alisha Paige on the ‘Guest Blog Wednesdays’ feature.  Alisha shares with us her personal experience with other writers and is offering one lucky commenter a FREE copy of her new novel. Welcome Alisha!

Thank you, Jayne for having me as a guest on your blog today! I have a great writer’s group I formed in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. One Friday night we met in a funky little coffee shop near my home because it’s just so hard for me to leave my baby behind. Two to three hours without Mommy is his max. The coffee shop was five minutes from my house in the old downtown square. My group has like fifty members but usually only 15 to 20 people show. And now that I’ve scheduled it closer to home, even less people come because they prefer the meetings in the heart of Dallas. I figured the people that truly want to come will show, right?
Well, I only had four people show up last Friday night but it was a great night because it was much more intimate. Everyone shared a bit of their work. We had a new guy show up. Bruce is a friend of one of my regular members. He’s 79 years old. He showed up and read a love letter he wrote to his wife. His wife died last October. He became emotional toward the end so his friend finished reading it. I was crying my eyes out as I listened to this beautiful letter about a doll he found in a doll shop. The doll was over 100 years old and he bought it because it reminded him of his wife and her beautiful face. This beautiful letter reminded me of something. We are all writers. Published or unpublished. When we put our thoughts and feelings down on paper, we can remember it for a lifetime and it will be there when we are gone for others to enjoy.

I hugged this special writer after the meeting and asked him to come again. He smelled like a pipe and I made a mental note to choose a location where he can smoke his pipe next time. I love the smell of apple wood smoke. He bought one of my books and I tried to tell him that he won’t enjoy it because it’s a romance. He protested and insisted that he reads romance. Bruce called me today to tell me how much he is enjoying my book, particularly the Indian legend within. I have to admit I was worried he’d cringe at the sex scenes, but I reminded myself that even though he’s 79years old, he’s still a man. A man that has lived a big life and loved big. I can’t tell you how much that phone call meant to me. I’ve asked dozens and dozens of readers to please email me when they read my book and let me know if they liked it. I stopped asking that because I rarely get feedback from my readers. And now I wonder if Bruce knows how much his letter to his wife meant to me last Friday night as we all sat in a cozy coffee shop. It started pouring down rain and my heart began to ache for Bruce and his loss. He said this after he read. “I was in love with my wife.” He shook a little when he said it and I could picture his face when he was younger. I could picture his beautiful wife and their life together. And how fast the years must have flown by.

I was happy to be only five minutes from home so I could rush home and see my family. As I pulled into the drive in the pouring rain, my headlights shined into the carport. My husband was sitting there with our two little ones on his lap, waiting for me, watching the rain. I slammed the car door and ran to keep from getting drenched. My husband asked me what I was cooking and I couldn’t help but smile. It was good to be home.
~xxoo Alisha

Alisha Paige writes speculative fiction: paranormal romance, fantasy, time travel romance, historical vintage romance, young adult novels, romantic thrillers and contemporary romance. Visit Alisha at her website at Chat about writing, reading and life while making new friends at her blog. You can also find Alisha on Facebook and Twitter!/Alishawriter .

Her lastest release is a paranormal werewolf romance, set in Circle City, Alaska. Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen: Book I is NOW AVAILABLE for Nook Addicts and Kindle Freaks for .99!


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  • That was a really nice post Mrs. Paige, I love the fact that you were able to start a writers group in your home town, I wish someone would do that where I live.

    Anyway I really like werewolves so I think your werewolf story is right up my alley and your kind of a new to me author so that’s good too. I’m always looking for new authors to read!

    Good luck with your work!

  • I am actually tearing up right now after reading this beautiful story Alisha! Yup, OK I’m definitely crying haha– what an amazing yet simple story of true love 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your new release!!

  • Wow, that was the perfect way to end my internet SURFING 😉 I am just about to go to bed after a long day on the computer. My husband just walked in the room and had a big smile for ME! Love is a wonderful thiing! I would love to read your book.
    PS- I am interested in starting a book club in my hometown (this is even more motivation) Thanks!

  • Thank you so much, Gabrielle! Maybe you can start a writer’s group in your home own. I hope you pick up Circle City and read it or you might get lucky and win the book today!

    Thank you for the kind comments, Pat. It was truly a special evening! 😉

    Thank you so much, Lea! I cried when I wrote this blog post and I cry every single time I read it.

    Thanks for your kind comments, Travel! Your comment about your husband’s smile made ME smile! Love is a beautiful thing! I hope you pick up my book or you too might be today’s lucky winner! I would love to hear if you start a writer’s group in your hometown. Good luck if you do! 🙂

  • Alisha I cried. I simply could not help myself. See to fall “in love” is easy. Its the staying “in love” you have to fight for. Yep that man, no they both were very lucky to have found and stayed “in” love with eachother. Ha the sex making him uncomfortable probalbly only maybe because he came from a time “respected” women and sex wasn’t bad just something less broadcasted. I’m sure he can and does remember some fine moments of great passion he shared, but only with his wife. Now that i’m still sniffing I think I’ll go blow my nose. Thanks a lot Alisha for making me cry…and smile. Do yourself a favor if you havent already tell him how much what he shared meant to you. Trust me. Hugs!!!

  • that was a beautiful story – as soon as i finished reading the post i went out to my hubby (of only 3 months so we’re still mushy-wushy :D) and hugged him.

  • Thank you so much, David! So nice of you to stop by!

    Barb! Sorry for making you cry. It is such a sweet story. I’m very happy to have made you smile though. You are so right. Staying in love is the key..and the couples who manage to do that are truly soulmates.:)

    Jakiblue! Thank you for your kind words. Congrats on your marriage! Your post made me smile! 🙂

  • Thanks Alisha for guest starring on The Australian Bookshelf- it was such a sweet post and really gets you reflecting on those important in your life.

    Thanks to all the commenters who stopped by and appreciated Alisha’s post.

    I have drawn the winner of Alisha’s eBook giveaway:

    The WINNER IS: Jakiblue



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