There’s a place for writing books on my bookshelf…

My love for writing grew out of my love for reading. I like to read all types of fiction genres but I also enjoy a good non-fiction novel or a memoir. Sitting on my bookshelves I also own a couple of books about writing. They have at times been of some inspiration whilst other times they have served as an excuse to procrastinate- because surely reading about writing is just as good as actually writing?!

This post is inspired by one I recently came across at Of Woods And Words. Blogger, Ada had written Seeking Inspiration: Favorite Writing Books. It seems that I am not the only one out there with a couple of good writing ‘how to’ books sitting on my bookshelf. I am not a writer with professional credentials in the field, as I am a psychologist by profession so I try to learn as much as I can about writing through writers, authors and other avenues.

 Here are 3 writing books that have found a place on my bookshelf:

 Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing by Don George


I couldn’t put this book down; it is full of beautiful travel narratives as well as practical and realistic advice on the fantasised life of travel writing. I do indeed love to travel and even more so write about my experiences. At times when I am not procrastinating and I am actually writing- I am working on a travel memoir about a recent south-east Asia travel experience.

Put it on your wishlist at Amazon

Get Your Book off the Ground by Anthony Santoro and Suzanne Male


I came across this title at The Writers’ Resource Centre website prior to completing my first novel, A Season of Transformation which has just been published. This book helped me through the editing process of my novel- ensuring that I had thought in depth about the characters, setting and plot. There are plenty of handy tips for example, what to do if you are a perfectionist and how to conquer self-doubt.

Available for purchase at The Writer’s Resource Centre




The Writerly Reader edited by Susie Eisenhuth and Willa McDonald

This book is great for those like me who is not professional journalists and need to polish up on the basics of telling a story. It’s been a great reference for me in my freelance work. There’s also a section on travel writing and memoir writing- discussing the work of talented Australian author Helen Garner.

Add it to your wishlist at Amazon or click on the link to go to Fishpond, Australia The Writer’s Reader: Understanding Journalism and Non-Fiction

Well, these 3 writing books have found their place on my bookshelf. Let me know what are sitting on yours and if there is something that you would recommend, leave a comment below.


  • Have you read ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King? It’s an interesting memoir and one of the best books written on writing.

  • I really enjoyed it. I’ve read some interesting books I read on writing, I read two books by a literary agent that were good too called “The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide To Staying Out of the Rejection Pile” &
    “The Plot Thickens: Eight Ways to Bring Fiction to Life” by Noah Lukeman

  • Ahh yes I recently heard about the first five pages- does sound like a really great resource. Now that i’ve heard a couple of good reviews about that one i think i will add it to my ‘to buy’ list.

  • Thanks for linking up! Like you, my love of writing grew from a love of reading. I actually haven’t read any of the books in your “writer’s book pile” and will definitely have to check some of them out. I’m especially interested in the Lonely Planet Travel Writing guide!

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