Procrastinators Anonymous- Join the club!

I have just finished reading this fantastic article on procrastination by Jean at the self-styled life. And yes, of course I was in a procrastinating mood when I read it otherwise I would have been writing a post for my blog which I normally do on Friday evenings (but didn’t!) or I would have been getting started on drafting a sequel to my newly released YA novel.

 Just now, I sat down at my laptop and decided, yes I will write up a book review. But when I logged onto the internet, I realised there were still tabs open from the web pages I was browsing last night. So once again, I found myself reading an article about procrastination whilst of course I was procrastinating.

Then I thought, okay that’s enough, I really need to keep reading an eBook that I have to review for an upcoming book blog tour. And since I am yet to own an e-reader the Kindle on PC is the closest I have at the moment- but it is so darn distracting! I’m just one click away from my blog, the internet, my email, ooh a freshly pressed article on WordPress or a free banner website where I have been trying to get some inspiration to revamp my blog after I received some constructive feedback from Novel Publicity’s blog evaluation service. This is exactly why, i prefer to receive paperbacks than eBooks because it means I am away from my desk and the internet and i can’t be distracted (much).

Just when I got back to reading the eBook (which I am really enjoying by the way!) I thought, hmm a cup of tea would be nice. Whether I am reading, writing or blogging there always seems to be this underlying discomfort that there is something else I should be doing first. Nothing any more or less important of course. So, instead I write lists of all the things I want to do- write a review, write a post, draft my sequel, somehow figure out how to turn my first novel into a mobi doc so I can upload it on Amazon, read an eBook- I look at my list and think, yes but first I will clean my desk, make a hot beverage, check my email…..

To make matters worst, I should really know better. I am a psychologist by day and am well aware of procrastinating habits and know of the strategies to overcome it. But still I get up and make that cup of tea before I settle down at my desk.

After being inspired by Jean to come out and talk about my problem I introduced myself on her blog as ‘hi my name is Jayne and I am a procrastinator’- just as she did. It got me thinking, is procrastination a serious problem? Writers and authors talk about it being a problem all the time! Although I thankfully do not suffer from the other ‘P’ dilemma (perfectionism) and sometimes this serves me well as I don’t stress about getting things perfect, but sometimes it’s not helpful because after 10 drafts of a novel I think, oh well that’s enough. When really I could do a couple more.

So what better way to tackle procrastination, than to write about it? At least now I can tick off ‘write a post’ from my list and feel like I have accomplished something today! Even if it is 24 hours late. Now that I am on a roll I think I will keep on reading this eBook so I can get started on that review.

But first I’ll make a cup of tea. Then maybe I will look for some nice pictures for this post….

Are you a procrastinator? Does it serve you well or does it get you in strife? Share your thoughts here…


  • I gotta say, I loooove procrastinating. I don’t know which is more fun, blog-hopping when I should be writing, or actually sitting, pen and paper in hand, and getting that anticipated “Great American Novel” down on paper. 🙂

  • I’m a champion at this – but when I eventually get down to the task the outcome is close to what I intend, because most of the time, I’m writing in my head. That is how I wrote most of my new thriller, out now from BeWrite Books. You can’t edit in your head, though – but luckily it’s the job I like most, so I get cracking pretty quickly. According to Luke was a long job, but it’s selling now, so that’s great.

    • Hi Rosanne. Yes, I can relate to this as i also ‘write in my head’- it just takes time to get the words out of my head and onto paper (or my screen). Once i get started though, then i am on a roll. Congrats on the success of your new book, i look forward to reading it 🙂

  • Hi Jayne,

    I know exactly where you are. I too am a total procrastinator and I also have a slight case of perfectionism. Usually, I procrastinate so long that I end of doing a mediocre job. This leads to disappointment and the cycle continues. And despite all the books and guides, I still end up submitting my taxes every year 15 minutes before midnight.

    I totally agree about e-books. I, however, have two computers; one has no internet or I use my phone to read which discourages dillydallying. I also make ultra-firm deadlines with rewards and punishments for tasks I need to complete.

    • Thanks for your comment Simone. Yes, i think self-discipline is the key huh? We all have our little habits and i guess if it works for us-whether things happen at the last minute or not- it can’t be too bad. Jayne

  • Such a great post…the Internet is asuch a blessing and a curse!! I am one of those readers/writers who when I’m on the Internet I always have at least three if not 5 or 6 tabs open to various pages, blogs, email, google searches, pictures, etc. At the same time, my procrastination is a little like ADD and I’m able to bounce around to a lot of differnt sites and practice networking with other bloggers, authors or doing other things that could be considered research. I try not to be too hard on myself about the big P, because then it seems to just get worse; as long as I make sure to get some writing done each day – whether it be on my or another’s blog, my WIP or a book review. Thanks for bringing it up! Back to perusing the web:)

  • Thanks Cathy, i am glad you could relate. I tend to overload with tabs too… even though it slows down my internet and i seem to just click from page to page a bit like someone with a remote. But I guess when i force myself to focus or I have a deadline then i get down to work!

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