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Mysti Parker– A Ranger’s Tale

Download ARanger's...jpg (72.1 KB)Blurb: In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, the high elf, Caliphany Aranea, nearly a century old, has never been allowed to travel farther than a few miles out of the capital city of Leogard. Her father, Sirius, leads the Mage Academy, and after losing his only son, he expects Caliphany to take his place one day. The trouble is, she doesn’t want to study magic and doubts she’ll ever be as good a wizard as her father. She dreams of leaving Leogard to explore the world and strike out on her own–lofty goals for Sirius’ daughter, who also happens to be King Leopold’s niece.

When two brutes at Leogard Harbor attempt to kidnap her while she dreams of faraway lands, half-elf ship captain and ranger, Galadin Trudeaux, comes to her rescue. From their first chance encounter, to the finale, where Caliphany must decide where her heart truly lies, she and Galadin will face more adventure, more love, more heartache, than they ever thought possible. Through it all, they discover the power of forgiveness and of a love that stands the test of time.

Review: A Ranger’s Tale is a fantasy romance novel. I really enjoy forbidden love stories, where two people come together despite all odds because of true love. In a Ranger’s Tale, Caliphany is a high elf, niece of the King of Leopald and a mage in training to become a wizard like her father. He plans to marry her off to another elf of high standing. Caliphany has always dreamt of travel and one day leaving Leogard. When Galadin a halfling and a ranger rescues her on the docks from two brutes she finds a way out. She asks him to train her to become a ranger so she will have the skills to travel solo, without her father’s knowledge. Their relationship transforms in a short few weeks and despite their differing backgrounds they long to be together whilst trying to fight off their own insecurities.

I enjoyed Caliphany and Galadin’s adventures and how Caliphany transforms from elegant royalty into a strong independent woman with the help of Galadin. The setting for this fantasy story is quite different to what i have read previously. I don’t think I have ever read a story where the elves are the main characters and it provides a nice spin to typical fantasy stories. There’s even a guest appearance of the infamous trolls!

I like Cali’s strong character and stubborness to break away from her father’s control and do what she really wants, travel the world. I am also drawn into the ruggedness of Galadin and how he wants Cali to have a well-deserving man in her life.  

Although I did find it frustrating when Cali and Galadin were separated for quite some time ( I don’t want to give away all the details) but I knew he would come back on the scene and it kind of annoyed me when she moved on to another relationship, because the whole time I was thinking but what about Galadin? This view has nothing to do with the quality of the plot or storyline, i just personally don’t like it when that happens. But it kept me turning the pages until the very end as I rooted for Galadin to make it back to Caliphany.  A Ranger’s Tale is a really enjoyable read and i recommend it to any fantasy romance fan.

4/5 rating


A Ranger’s Tale can be purchased at Melange Books

 * I received a digital copy of A Ranger’s Tale courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours

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