Book Review: Urban Falcon

Jennifer Caloyeras- Urban Falcon (2009)

Synopsis: Evan Falcon was all set to finish high school in Elbow Creek when his dad’s job forced the family to move toLincolnHeights, a booming metropolis. Now, his best friend won’t even talk to him and he suspects that his mom is having an affair. Caught between who he used to be and the possibility of who he could become, Evan is thrown into a world of dating, out of control parents, and family drama. (From Goodreads).

Review: Evan is the average teenager, living in Elbow Creek hanging out with his best mate Denny- until his family need to relocate to Lincoln Heights for his dad’s job. He has to find a way to fit in at a big new school whilst dealing with his strict parental rules. He finds himself caught up in the partying scene along with his ‘loser’ friend, Roger. Caloyeras provides an insight into the troubles and experience of an adolescent boy dealing with parties, girls and family secrets. Evan meets Maya who encourages his photography interests and she becomes his first girlfriend. There is a sex scene in this book, although it’s not too graphic.

Although I enjoyed the writing style of Caloyeras and the real life issues that this teenage boy comes across- I felt there could have been more character development for Evan, Maya and even high school trouble-maker Nicole. Evan is a likeable character, he is endearing with a hint of adolescent insecurity that teenage girls will find appealing. I had empathy for him but I don’t feel like I got to know him as well as I would have liked. Maya remains a mysterious character as I wanted to know a bit more of her inner workings and to discover a bit more depth in her relationship with Evan. It seemed like the plot was leading up to something and some things were resolved quite quickly whilst others were left open ended. I did enjoy Evan’s big blow up with his parents at the end as I felt his frustration bubbling away and wanted him to step up and stand up for himself.

Although I would have like to know the characters better, overall Urban Falcon was an absorbing story that provides a glimpse of the inner world of an adolescent boy.

Rating 3/5


Urban Falcon can be purchased here.

*I received a printed copy of Urban Falcon on behalf of Diversion Press and their April/ May Book Blog Tour*

COMING UP NEXT: Guest post with Jennifer Caloyeras, author of Urban Falcon.

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