Sequel Angst

There is no better reading experience than the one where you
are frantically flipping through the pages of a book, completely absorbed in
the world of the characters where if you absolutely have to put the book down
(like to go to the bathroom or to work) you can’t stop thinking about them as
if they were your friends, or you can’t stop thinking about the alluring male lead and you just want to find out what happens next. Then you get
to the last page and you are completely in love with a book and have to re-read
the last page several times because you are in complete disbelief that it is
over and it leaves you wanting more…

There’s been quite a few of those novels that I have read
over the past year and so I thought I would dedicate this post to the two most recent books I have read that I am eagerly awaiting sequels…

Click on the titles to be taken to Goodreads, the book
covers to go to a book retailer (Fishpond) or the link at the end of each to
see my review.

The Wedding ShroudThe Wedding Shroud by Elisabeth Storrs- One of the best
stories of historical fiction I have ever read (okay I am going to go so far as to put this book up on a pedestal with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon-
even though I have only read the first one- Cross Stitch). I read this novel in the past month after the wonderfully talented Australian author sent me a
review copy. I love the development of the main characters, Caecilia and her husband by default of an arranged marriage, Val Mastarna. I felt completely immersed in the worlds of the early Romans and Entruscans. Having never read historical fiction of early Rome, I really wish there was more! If any of you readers out there know of any then please let me know. Anyway, the ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger and I am itching to find out what happens next with Caecilia and Val Mastarna. Storrs is writing the sequel…. I hope she hurries up so I can read it! Read my review of The Wedding Shroud HERE.

This Bird Flew AwayThis Bird Flew Away by Linda M. Martin- Okay this book was surprisingly wonderful. It is definitely a heavy read at times highlighting serious social issues such as domestic violence, childhood abuse & child trafficking. This story takes you on a journey with Bria a young girl who
experiences the worst that human kind can do to a child and you truly will get a good look at how these young children struggle in adolescence and early
adulthood. You will never judge a young woman with emotional/ behavioural
problems again! What is really inspiring though is that Martin takes us through
Bria’s life and we are right alongside her as she rises and fights back at the
world with of course many mistakes along the way. She has a strong bond with
Jack a family relation which will have you on a see saw of emotion from
caution, suspicion to adoration. I had mixed feelings about the ending and was
questioning my own morality throughout so I really can’t wait to see what is in
store for the next chapter of Bria and Jack’s lives in the sequel that Martin
is working on. Read my review of This Bird Flew Away HERE.

If there is a sequel you are eagerly anticipating or hoping for then let me know…

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