Goodreads (Aussie Readers) Winter Challenge

PhotobucketI think I have managed to line up a good reading list for Winter 2011 down under. I’ve also included quite a few Aussie authors to the collection too. Below I have listed the challenge and my chosen book.

If you would like to join the GR Winter Challenge click HERE.

1.Pick a book that has a warm or summery theme on the cover (to make you feel cosy)

The white earth by Andrew McGahan

2..It’s a great time to bundle up and just spend a day reading. Pick a book from your TBR list!

Bite Me by Parker Blue (review copy, eBook)

3..It’s International Children’s Day on the 1st of June. Why not find a YA novel or a picture book to read?

Starcrossed: Perigee by Tracey L Campbell (review copy, eBook)

4..With World Environment Day and National Tree Day coming up why not BORROW a book from the libary/friend or pick one out of your TBR list. OR if you own an e-reader why not read a book through it instead? No purchases of books are allowed for this one! 😉

Vampires Rule by K.C Blake (eBook review copy)

5..We all love snuggling up in front of the fire to watch our favourite movies, well with the Melb International Film Festival on 21/7 to 7/8 how about choosing a book which has been transformed into a movie.

Hmm.. perhaps I will read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?

6..a) Read a book where a word in the title has to relate to a wintery theme or
b) The chosen wintery word has to begin with a letter from the word WINTER.

Winter’s Shadow by M.J. Hearle (review copy)

7..Read an Aussie author’s book or books with an Aussie landscape/locale in it.

Airmail by Naomi Bulger (review copy)

8..Choose a New Release which will be out somewhere in the 3 month period of Winter… either purchase, or borrow from the library and enjoy!

Me of the Never Never by Fiona O’Loughlin (I am lucky to be on the list for an ARC review copy!)

9..Pick a friend on your GR list and also select and read a book they have read. Never know, you might find something new to enjoy!

Fallen by Lauren Kate- it’s on many of my GR friend’s  list.

10..Curl up beside the fire and grab yourself a book full of suspense or murder! You might even spook yourself if it’s rainy and windy and there is a murder going on within your book!

According to Luke by Rosanne Dingli (review copy)- I think this is the first crime thriller I have read

What’s on your Winter reading list? 

(or Summer if you are on the other side of the globe)


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