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This week on Guest Blog Wednesdays at The Australian Bookshelf we are joined by Australian writer, Patricia Puddle. She shares some info about the children’s books she has written.

Patricia Puddle writes children’s adventure and fantasy stories. So far,
she’s published three children’s books and is having Giveaways for each one on  Goodreads this month.

If you would like a chance to win on of Patricia’s
children’s books, here is the link to her blog:

Patricia is also a member of a wildlife charity that cares for injured and
orphaned native animals in Australia. If you’d like to see some of the animals
she’s cared for, go to her website. You’ll also find links to her YouTube movies
and Book Trailers as well as see some of her illustrations. You may even get an
insight into how Patricia came to write children’s books and what inspired them.
Patricia has eBooks of all her stories as well as paperbacks and at the moment
she’s writing the sequels to all three books.

Here is the link to her website:






Thank you for your post Patricia

If you would like to feature on Guest Blog Wednesdays at The Australian Bookshelf- whether you are an author, reader, writer, blogger- drop me a line at jayne.fordham(AT)live(DOT) and tell me a bit about yourself. Regards, Jayne.

What were your favourite children’s books and why did you enjoy them so much?


  • Thank you, Jayne, for posting about my children’s books. I really appreciate that.

    Now, to the question what were my favourite children’s books, well I loved Matilda by Roald Dahl, but I loved all Roald Dahl’s books. I also loved Ramona The Pest, Junie B. Jones. Judy Moody, and anything with naughty or mischievous characters. Most of my stories have quirky characters that are always in trouble with adults. I think children love to read about other kids getting into trouble and doing the things they would love to do.

    You have a great blog Jayne, I’ll watch out for your next author post. Cheers,

    Trisha Puddle.

  • Thank you for your post Patricia. We all love being taken back to our childhood book loves. Yes, definitely Roald Dahl, Judy Blume and John Marsden were among a few of my favourite children’s authors.

    I have previously written a post about some of my loved children’s books:

    But thinking back on why i enjoyed these tales so much, I think you are right Patricia it was those stories about kids who get into mischief and do all the things you wish you could get away with!

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