Book Review: Acadia Book I: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time

Ali Naqvi- Acadia, Book I: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time (The Second Great War Trilogy).

Format: eBook

Synopsis: (From Goodreads): It was only a nightmare at first, but Damont soon realizes that he can see into the future-a curse he has to live with for being the only son of a king dead for a thousand years, with a mother who is the goddess of time.

A man in black armor with a face as obscure as the shadows mantling him laughs wickedly. Who is he and why does he continue to haunt me, Damont wonders. Appearing only in his dreams, the man in the black armor stands alone and laughs high as if to mock him while the world around him burns to cinder. “They are not dreams, my son,” a voice calls out to him in a vision after the many nightmares-claiming to be his mother whom abandoned him when he was but a child. “They are shards of a broken world to come if you so take the path of your father.” If such a path does lie ahead beyond a throne that sits vacant for centuries, with an empire in the east growling for war, then Damont Langörn realizes he has but one choice: follow the visions and seek out the truth lost to both him and the world behind his lineage-but will he be strong enough to face such a malevolent foe of his nightmares?

With a vampire and a sorceress at his side, Damont begins his journey, but such a road is not an easy one to take if the gods themselves do not wish for his return as the king who would unite the world against their existence and bring demise to their very doorstep.

Review: Damont Langorn is just your average youth who goes fishing with his best mate Caleb, gives his Uncle cheek and falls asleep in history class. Until the day he discovers that he isn’t just an average boy after all, in fact he is the long lost King of Haldina who has visions of the future. He is shocked by the uncovering of his lineage and is uncertain whether he can live up to the name of his forefather. He leaves the small fishing town of Garribus to make the journey with his uncle to Haldina where he hopes to meet his mother, who abandoned him many years ago.

He is sent off on a quest from Haldina with a tall mysterious warrior named Virden and the fiesty sorceress Amber. On the brink of a war, Damont must find his footing so he can take the throne but first he must gain the respect of the town. Amber and Virden have their own secrets and will they betray their newfound King to keep them?

The author very skilfully creates a fantasy world that was easy to visualise and get caught up in. He has a very articulate and wonderful way with language which fitted with the dialogue of earlier times. Damont is a likeable guy who is a little naive but also headstrong and willing to please. Although I would have preferred a bit more of a love story (it’s my weakness not the authors’) it was an enjoyable read and I would like to see what is next in store for Damont in the Acadian trilogy.

4/5 rating

Acadia, Book I can be purchased as an eBook for your Amazon Kindle

* Thank you to the author for providing a digital copy of this novel.

About the author: (From Goodreads) Ali M. Naqvi became inspired about writing and fell in love with the genre of Science Fiction & Fantasy when he first read the copy of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park during his fifth year in elementary school. Taking after the style of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and of George R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice, Ali began his work on his series of Acadia in 2001.

Residing currently in Atlanta, Georgia and majoring in the field of Radiology, Ali is now finishing both the second and the third book for Acadia.




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