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Naomi BulgerAirmail

Synopsis:(from Goodreads): Reclusive old Mr. G.L. Solomon’s favorite things are single malt whiskey, Steve McQueen movies, and gingersnap cookies. He hates processed cheese, washing detergent commercials, and the way the teacup rattles in the saucer when he picks it up. Solomon has become accustomed to his lonely routine in Sydney, Australia-until the day he begins sporadically receiving letters in his mailbox from a complete stranger.

On the other side of the world, Anouk is a mentally delicate young woman living in New York who insists she is being stalked by a fat woman in a pink tracksuit. When Anouk declares to Solomon that she is writing “from the Other Side,” the old man breaks away from his daily grind of watching soap operas and reading Fishing World and travels to New York to find her. As he is drawn into Anouk’s surreal world of stalkers and storytelling, marbles and cats, purgatory and Plato, Solomon has but one goal-to unravel the mystery before it is too late.

Review: Airmail is really a novella not a novel as it is a nice quick read at just over 100 pages in length.

Airmail is a quirky and witty novella which introduces us to two unique characters; Mr G.L. Solomon an old bloke from Sydney and Anouk, a
young woman in New York City. Mr Solomon lives a life of rigid routines right
down to what time he checks the letterbox each day. Anouk is a neurotic and
entertaining character who is trying to make meaning of her life, so she starts
sending letters to a stranger she randomly chooses in the white pages- Mr G.L.
Solomon. Anouk is convinced she is being stalked by a woman in a pink velour
tracksuit and develops a paranoia which is really quite comical. As the letters
continue, Solomon’s rigid life becomes malleable and his personality begins to
shine through whilst Anouk is falling apart. She is haunted by the losses and
grief of her past and she is unable to move forward with this detached part of
herself. Through a one-sided relationship, their connection brings new meaning
to their lives.

I had no idea where the story was going, but I think that is all part of the fun. The author has created very likeable characters who grow and learn despite the length and will leave you quite satisfied. If you would like a quick quirky read, then Airmail by Australian author Naomi Bulger, is an entertaining read.

4/5 rating

*Thank you to the author for providing a printed copy for review.

Airmail can be purchased in print from Fishpond (free delivery in Aus) or Amazon or in digital format from Amazon Kindle.

About the author: Naomi Bulger is an Australian journalist who
moved to New York City for adventure and found love instead. She now lives in
Sydney, Australia, with her new family.

Guest post: Naomi also featured on The Australian Bookshelf with a guest post a few weeks back where she talks about How to stay creative when your art is your business.


Naomi has kindly offered 2 printed copies of Airmail to be won!

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