A Season Of Transformation: Weekly tour wrap-up #4

It’s that time of the week again where I plug my book and give a weekly wrap-up of my book blog tour for A Season Of Transformation.  I have been keeping very busy this week!

Here’s the weekly summary:

Mia @ Girl about books is hosting an ebook giveaway that ends on June 30th. Mia also gave a lovely 4/5 star review for A Season Of Transformation.

Here’s a snippet of what she had to say:

“My favorite aspect of the story was the way the characters come together despite their differences and how their bond became stronger not just because of their mission to save their town but because of their understanding and caring for one another. I also liked the part where the protagonists are starting to develop their special abilities. I had so much fun reading those parts! It was part hilarious, part astonishing. I wonder what’s going to be my reaction if I woke up one day and I can suddenly pass through a wall or a door or be invisible? (I think being invisible is a cool thing!)…… I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend this to all YA Fiction
fans with craving for lovable characters and great storyline!”

ComaCalm gave it 3/5 with these comments:

“I really enjoyed this story. I loved how defeating Maxdale wasn’t overdone and the plot mainly focused on the teens relationships with each other. I also liked that they were all from different backgrounds and wouldn’t have talked to each other if it hadn’t have been for their powers but they then became really close friends. I was pretty sad when it ended and I’m still missing the characters now”

Cassie over at Gathering Leaves Reviews has been doing wonders in helping promote my book! Check out my interview where I chat about my day job as a psychologist as well as writing. There is also an international ebook giveaway which ends on June 30th.

Cassie also invited me over for a guest post where I chat about ‘the stops and starts of writing- setbacks and inspirations on the path of a writer.’ Some great comments have been left from other writers.

A Season Of Transformation was rated 4/5 by Cassie, here’s what she had to say:

I have been truly honored to be allowed to read, review, and feature this novel.  Coming from a psychology background, I feel that Jayne can relate to the human feelings and interactions of the group better than most authors could.  I think it is a wonderful way to help teens realize that they can all too often be self-centered and judgmental of others through their own struggles and insecurities.  In that way I think the message of this book is if we can open ourselves up and accept others for what they truly are, rather than what they appear to be, we can overcome anything and work together to make the  world a better place. 

Click HERE to see the full review.

This coming week I will be stopping off at The Bucket List for an interview and Gina will be posting a review.

I will also be stopping over at fellow Aussie Shelleyrae’s blog, Book’d Out for a guest post and giveaway. A new review will also be posted.

Finally, a review and giveaway will be happening over at Secrets of a Mad Hatter.

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