Book Review: Amazing People of Sydney by Charles Margerison

Amazing People of Sydney: Inspirational Stories Dr Charles Margerison- Amazing People of Sydney: Inspirational Stories

Format- ebook

Source- review copy provided by the Amazing People Club

Synopsis: Imagine you had to sail 10,000 miles to an island in the South Pacific Ocean in an old wooden boat. In 1788, that happened to over 1400 English convicts, colonists, captains and men of the Marine Corps. Watched by fearful local Aboriginals, they established a base in a place called New South Wales, Australia. Who were these amazing people? How did they survive and build the great and beautiful city that we now call Sydney? A city tour unlike any other, Amazing People of Sydney brings you in touch with real people who have left us a legacy that we can explore.
Travel through time and meet some of the amazing people who helped Sydney develop. Read how Governor Arthur Phillip and Bennelong, the captured Aborigine, tried to build relations between the communities. Explore the lives of people such as Francis Greenway, Mary Reibey and George Howe. All of them arrived in Sydney as convicts and through their tenacious spirit, grew to become some of the most significant figures in the city. Find out about William Tom’s discovery of gold, and Captain Thunderbolt’s great escape from Cockatoo Island. Be moved by the outstanding work of the tireless humanitarian, Caroline Chisholm, and her work with young women. Discover how Banjo Paterson wrote Waltzing Matilda. These stories, and many others, come alive through BioViews®. What is a BioView®? A BioView® is a short biographical story, similar to an interview. These unique stories provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

Review: I was asked to review this ebook and I thought it would be a great snapshot of Australian history. I was intrigued by the story-telling nature and so-called ‘interviews’ with prominent figures in early Australia such as John & Elizabeth Macarthur, Capt James Cook and Banjo Patterson.

I was expecting Amazing People of Sydney to be just an educational book about Australian history, but I was actually quite entertained and I learnt a lot! The figures were presented in a character style case study but each flowed on to the next to tell the story of Early Settlement. From the penal colony to the invasion of Indigenous land to the set-up of the first Australian newspaper to establishing an economy. It was very well-written and in a conversational tone which brought the characters to life. If this was used when I was at school then I probably would have known a lot more about Early Settlement in Australia!

If you are interested in history, early Australia and getting to know the interesting characters then I would recommend Amazing People of Sydney. I’ll definitely be looking into some of the author’s other titles.

4/5 stars

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About the author:

Dr Charles Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist, a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Society of Literature. He is Chairman of Viewpoint Resources Ltd, a publishing organization, and the founder of The Amazing People Club. Previously, he was Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield, UK, and also at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group.

The Amazing People Club series commenced when Dr Margerison wondered what people like William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, and other great achievers would have said if he had interviewed them about their life and work. He decided to research the known facts about their lives and write up what he thought they would say. In particular, he focused on the psychological issues associated with their personalities and how they used their time and talents well in order to achieve. The stories give us an insight into their motivation and relationships with other people.

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  • How inspirational! I firmly believe that it is never too late to learn and have actually discovered this series some time ago and absolutely love the great storytelling aspect. I agree, these should be used in schools to make history more engaging. It is by embracing the life stories of great people that we get an insight into what they have done to help form the world we live in today. Thanks for sharing, great! Lizzie Mc

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