Aussie Book Review: Biting the Big Apple by Bella Vendramini

Biting the Big Apple: A memoir of life, love (okay and sex) in New York City Bella Vendramini- Biting the Big Apple (memoir)

Format- Paperback

Source- Review copy/ Hachette Australia

Synopsis: (From Goodreads) Bella knew there must be more than casual jobs and sitting at home, dreaming about the bright lights. An actor by trade, she bought a one-way ticket to the Big Apple and enrolled against all odds in the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute. Soon she was falling in love with her own ‘Mr Big’, meeting the locals and coming to grips with the vagaries of life in that glittering town.

What New York would never offer her, Bella could never have predicted — sometimes scary, mostly cash-strapped but always exhilirating. She proves that with a little determination and a lot of Down Under pizzazz, even the wildest dreams can come true.

Review:This is a fun, fast-paced memoir about an Aussie chick that is trying to make a name for herself in New York City. Biting the Big Apple is a fascinating memoir told by Bella Vendramini, an Aussie actress taking chances in New York City. Broke, job-less and falling in a pit of melancholy, Bella sets her sights on the U.S to pursue her dream of succeeding as an actress. Often penniless and living day to day she takes us on a rollercoaster ride in the life of a performer. After landing a spot at the Strasberg Institute, Bella undergoes an emotional transformation where ‘method acting’ is much like psychotherapy and tai chi is for exclusive members only. She falls in love with a rich man with a dark side and struggles to manage her mood states from buzzing on a high to plunging into a deep low.

This is actually a really interesting and fun memoir and even though I am nothing like Bella, I think her insightfulness and honesty brought a quick connection and understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. There’s some celebrity name-dropping such as  uentin Tarantino and Jared Leto but we see them through the eyes of Bella, just your average Aussie chick trying to make a name in the U.S. Bella has a witty way with words and telling a story so you feel like you are there right alongside her. I really enjoyed Biting the Big Apple and will definitely read the sequel, Naked in Public.

4/5 rating

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