Book Review: Murder She Knit by Vivienne Fagan

Murder, She Knit (Hilda Hopkins, Serial Knitter) Vivienne Fagan- Murder She Knit (Hilda Hopkins #1)

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 Synopsis: A fast paced crime thriller with a twist, then pearl, then loop two and drop. Hilda Hopkins, the machine knitting murderess is on the run! Slipping mickey finns and strangling her gentleman guests with a knitted garrotte, Hilda has been bounced by the local ‘Sweeney’. Her knitted dolls of each victim the most damning of evidence. Can she escape the long arm of the law before Scotland Yarn, er… Scotland Yard’s finest find their fiend?

 Review: This is not typically a genre that I review, but it being a novella I thought it would be a fun, quick read- and I was right. Hilda Hopkins has finally found her calling in life- as a serial killer preying on elderly men who board at her home and then she drains them of their bank accounts. What she loves about her new career is that she can combine it with her love of knitting and she creates replica dolls in memory of the victims.
Murder She Knit is a witty, fast paced novella about a serial killing granny who is on the run from the authorities and by `run’ I mean that she shuffles along at a leisurely pace.

Hilda is certainly mentally unstable but the author creatively makes the reader feel sympathy for her as the old lady that no one pays any attention to. Well, she shows them! Hilda is quite often chuffed with her escapades-if not slightly grandiose but there’s also something about her that is quite endearing.

The author has a succint, witty writing style and provides just enough background information on Hilda to make sense of her without the unneccesary waffling. This is a great mystery, crime novella with a splash of humour that any age (ok not children!) will enjoy.

4/5 rating

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