Book Review: Bed and Burial by Vivienne Fagan

Hilda Hopkins, Bed & Burial (Hilda Hopkins, Serial Knitter) Vivienne Fagan- Bed and Burial (Hilda Hopkins #2)

 Format- ebook

 Source- Review copy/ Streetwise publications

 Synopsis: Hilda Hopkins has escaped lawful custody and is once more on the lamb and on the lookout for likely lodgers to model her unique knitted dolls. This time she gets a break in the form of a job at the bleak, isolated Traveller’s Rest, a bed and breakfast establishment run by the musty yet malleable Mrs Moffett. Before you can knit a garrotte and slip it over a sleeping guest’s neck, Hilda is back to her old ways and loving every minute! How many will she make machine knitted models of before the Police close the loop around Britain’s most notorious serial killer and prize winning machine knitter!

 Review: Hilda Hopkins is at it again. She has escaped from custody and is on the run from authorities. Hilda is a granny serial killer who was eventually caught by the police in Murder She Knit after taking the lives of several elderly men. Now Hilda has a partner in crime, where she recruits Abigail Moffat at the bed and breakfast in Danemouth. They attract quirky immoral guests at the B&B and Hilda and blah take advantage of them for financial retainers. This is another disturbingly fun mystery novella and is a quick and entertaining read! See my review for Murder She Knit, the first novella in the Hilda Hopkins series.

4/5 rating

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