On the road again…

Hello followers, friends and anyone who stops by The Australian Bookshelf from time to time 🙂

I am off on a road trip for 4 weeks across Australia. My boyfriend, my dog, Buddy and myself are off on a big adventure! The campervan is all packed and so are our bags, we are all set to take the roads in less than 12 hours! The plan is to make our way across the country from Sydney to Perth within the week and to spend the following three weeks taking our time weaving in and out of towns across WA and SA until we make it back to Sydney a couple of days before Christmas. Very exciting!

So, it seems my blogging activities may become disrupted while on the road, despite having my laptop and wifi- I cannot necessarily rely on internet reception when we are off the beaten track. Just a note: I will be checking emails as frequently as I can, but may not get around to replying as soon as you may like. I will be posting reviews during my trip, however most of my reading material are self-purchased titles so I will probably just write up a ‘mini review’ with a brief statement about my thoughts on each book. If I read a book that has been specifically requested for review by the author/ publisher then I will still write up a full review. I hope you all will still stop by and leave a comment and I will return the favour as soon as I can.

 In the meantime, please don’t forget to enter my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

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