Aussie Book Review: Ones a Poner Time by Ilsa Evans (memoir) + GIVEAWAY

ones a poner time Ilsa Evans- Ones a Poner Time (Memoir)

 Format- ebook

 Source- Review copy

 Publication date- 19th Dec, 2011

 Synopsis- An entertaining cocktail of short stories born from half a century (and counting) of memories and musings. Take a journey from a sixties childhood, through some revolting teen years, the armed forces, two marriages, three children, eclectic employment, the (nonstop) demands of family – and relish the humour in life, no matter what. Two parts comedy and one part drama, with just a dollop of farce, this book is best enjoyed while curled up on the couch with a box of chocolates.

 Review- Ones a Poner Time comprises a bunch of enjoyable vignettes that bring to life snippets of the author’s existence. Ilsa Evan’s is an Australian author, well known for her contribution to the fiction genre and Ones a Poner Time is her first self-published, non-fiction venture which is sure to be a success.

What’s great about the vignette style memoir is that Ilsa just writes about the significant moments in her life without having to get through all the tedious information about her parents, where she was born and where she went to school etc.

Ilsa shares plenty of comical stories about her childhood and adolescence and I particularly found amusing her dream of becoming a ‘bunny breeder’ and her antics as a teenage baby-sitter.

An interesting career path, Ilsa provides a snapshot of her adventures in the Women’s Royal Australian Air Force (WRAAF) and later in the Army Reserve.

From pregnancies to marriages to motherhood and a long-lasting depression, Ilsa gives an honest, no-nonsense account of the ups and downs during her 50 years (or so) of life. There was a nice balance between the grief-stricken and troublesome events in her life with a bountiful number of comical and laugh-out loud escapades to keep me turning the pages. I particularly enjoyed how Ilsa explained how not to diminish a dates’ pride when they plan a romantic dinner for two… but don’t read the recipe correctly!

Ones a Poner Time is a fun, quick read that will be enjoyed by readers who like amusing memoirs in the same style as the number of female comedian autobiographies currently on the market. Ilsa has a witty, honest writing style that will capture readers from start to finish.

I’ll definitely be checking out her fiction novels because I enjoyed her writing style so much!

4/5 rating

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About the author: Ilsa Evans is an Australian author. She has written across several genres from light fiction (such as the books that make up the ‘laundry series’) to more gritty social realism. Two of her books, Broken and Sticks and Stones stem from the findings of a PhD on the long-term effects of family violence that Ilsa completed in 2005. Ilsa teaches creative writing and carries out public speaking when she is not writing. She lives in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne with her children, assorted pets and several uninvited possums. More information available at her website:

This book was read as part of the these two 2012 challenges:

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Ilsa Evans is kindly offering followers of The Australian Bookshelf an opportunity to win an ebook copy of Ones a Poner Time (memoir) along with paperback copies of 2 of her fiction novels: the Family Tree and Flying the Coop.

You must reside in Australia to enter this giveaway.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the end of this post with your email details. Entries close midnight Tuesday 27th March, 2012 (Syd time) and the winner will be drawn via

ones a poner time Flying The Coop: A Free Range Tree Change or Has She Made the Worst Mistake of Her LifeThe Family Tree


  • Since I don’t own a copy of The Family Tree or Flying The Coop I am going to enter!

    bookd.out at gmail dot com

  • Ilsa, lovely to see you being reviewed as part of AWW2012! I met you once, at a book reading and have read the laundry books but didn’t know about the others. I am very interested in the subject matter and look forward to reading them, now I know about them. So yay, I learnt something today. Good luck with the memoir! From another I Evans!

    • Thank-you! Do you want to swap names? Imelda is SO much nicer than Ilsa, and then I wouldn’t have to change my initials or anything. My family would probably be a little confused but that’s a price I’m willing to pay…

  • Thanks for the review, Jayne. I haven’t read Ilsa’s novels, either, and the memoir snippets sound very entertaining. Always interested in discovering new authors. elhuede [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I haven’t read any of Ilsa’s novels although I’ve been meaning to read Spin Cycle for some time now! Nice review Jayne.
    1girl2manybooks {a} gmail {.} com

  • I have not read any Ilsa Evans yet, I obviously must.


  • I just wanted to say that I think your blog is great. I love the fact that you are reviewing Australian authors and this way supporting your culture and heritage. Also your honest opinion on books is very valuable.

  • Ilsa’s books are amazing, I have read all of them so far apart from Ones a poner time, which I am very much looking forward to reading. A great author who writed with humour and draws the reader in and onve you start reading the book you are unable to put them down.

  • I would love to read Isla’s books. I first heard of Isla when I was researching DV. I then wanted to read a paper she wrote (as part of her studies I think) and the novel she wrote “Broken”. Not sure if I have all that correct lol, but something of hers that I read had a huge impact on me as a survivor of DV. I don’t remember what I read……..was struggling with PTSD and some years are kind of fuzzy. But the name Isla Evans has stuck in my head. I came across her name on Facebook just recently and have been reminded of wanting to read her works!

  • Huge fan! Have all your books except “Ones a Poner Time”…enjoy your work very much.

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