Book Review: The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies by Lynn Messina

The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies Lynn Messina- The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies

 Format- ebook

 Source- Review copy

 Publisher- Potatoworks Press

 Publication date- 14th Feb, 2012

 Synopsis- Hattie Cross knows what you’re thinking: Zombie sex? Ewwwww. But she also knows that since a virus turned 99.9999 percent of human males into zombies, it’s statistically impossible to meet–let alone date–the remaining 0.00001 percent. So she writes “The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies” to help her fellow single women navigate the zombie-relationship waters.
Her practical how-to impresses the CEO of the largest drug company in the world, and before she knows it, Hattie, a reporter for a downmarket tabloid that specializes in conspiracy theories, is sitting down with the woman who single-handedly invented the zombie-behavioral-modification market. Granted access to the inner sanctum of zombaceuticals, she meets an actual, living, breathing M-A-N.
Now Hattie, the consummate professional, is acting like a single girl at the end of the twentieth century: self-conscious, klutzy and unable to form a coherent sentence without babbling. Worst of all, the human male appears to have impaired her ability to think clearly. Because all of a sudden she’s convinced a conspiracy is afoot at the drug company and it seems to go all the way to the top!

 Review- Hattie Cross is a reporter for the Daily Scoopage in the post-apocalyptic 2012, twenty years after a plague zombified almost all of the male population. With human males a rarity, Hattie shares her dating woes in her book, The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies. Throughout the novel, snippets of Hattie’s guide are revealed for the single woman on the lookout for a zombie boyfriend. From learning Zombese to speed dating at a zombie slaughterhouse to domesticating zombies and choosing well preserved suitors (i.e. with all their limbs!) and of course shedding light on the controversial topic of ZOMBIE SEX (eww!).

When Hattie’s success sparks the interest of the biggest zombie pharmaceutical company in the world (i.e. zombaceuticals) grant her exclusive access to the company, she realises they have a lot more power in society than she bargained for. But Hattie is conveniently distracted from the conspiracies when she meets her first human male, Jake Maddox. Hattie then has the dilemma of promoting a book about dating zombies, when she can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be with a human.

I actually laughed quite a bit during this book, especially when I read the zombie excerpts from Hattie’s book. Besides the fact that I heaved every time I thought about zombie sex, Hattie seemed to make it sound like the most normal thing in the world. It was amusing seeing Hattie struggle with her feelings for Jake. Their relationship was a little superficial, given the only reason I can fathom for her liking him was the fact that he was a human. But hey, if I had a choice between the last man on earth (who happened to be a hot scientist) then I probably wouldn’t think twice about choosing him over a zombie either.

This book was described as Zombie chic-lit which is a fairly good depiction but there’s also humour, crime and suspense thrown in for good measure. The Girl’s Guide to Dating Zombies is a laugh out loud book about a very unrealistic world, but the author has a witty writing style that makes anything fun and believable. I have Messina’s Little Vampire Women sitting on my TBR shelf and now that I know that I like her work, I will surely pick this one up sooner to read.


4/5 rating

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