Indie Author Corner: Meet Ian Walkley

The Indie Author Corner, is a tool to help independently published authors promote their writing by introducing themselves and their books on my blog. If you are an indie author and would like to be included as a book feature please read this sign-up post. Today we have a debut Australian indie author.

Meet Ian Walkley

Ian WalkleyDebut athor, Ian Walkley, is an entrepreneur, a social researcher and market strategist from Brisbane. He has previously edited and co-written two small business publications and established a successful consulting business in Queensland before turning to novel writing. No Remorse is his debut thriller. Ian’s style has been compared to Ludlum and Clancy, and has travelled extensively and researched his subject, bringing a knowledge of location and technical detail to the exotic settings that makes the action come alive.

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About the book:

No RemorseBook Title: No Remorse 

Genre: Action-adventure / Thriller

Publisher: Marq Books

Synopsis: No Remorse follows Lee McCloud, an ex-US Army Special Operations commander out for revenge after his 16-year-old goddaughter, Sophia, is abducted while on a family holiday in Mexico. After an unauthorised mission to save Sophia goes horribly wrong, McCloud finds himself cut-loose from the army and given an ultimatum – jail, or assist in a top-secret operation to hunt down and confiscate billions of dollars used to fund terrorism. Tasked with infiltrating the world of the super-rich exiled Saudi, Sheik Khalid, and forced against his will to team up with Tally, a sexy computer specialist with a hatred of soldiers and all things military, McCloud uncovers a sinister conspiracy with global consequences and a secret black market operation with clues to Sophia’s whereabouts, and Khalid’s horrific plan for the girl. Racing against time and hunted by enemies on both sides, McCloud and Tally must set aside their differences and unravel an intricate web of corruption and deceit to prevent worldwide conflict and chaos, and bring Sophia home.

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