Challenge round-up 2012

It’s nearing the end of April and it won’t be long before another chilly winter dawns on Australia. It’s also month four into 2012 and I thought it was about time I provided an update on my challenges.

Australian Women Writers Reading and Reviewing Challenge 2012
2012 Book ChallengeMy pledge: To read and review and review at least 10 books by Australian women writer’s across more than one genre.

Progress: COMPLETE!

To date, I have read 19 books by Australian Women during 2012. To browse the titles i have reviewed click here.

I have plenty more books by Aussie women that I intend to read and at least 4 in the next month so I will continue to participate in this challenge even though i’m finished.

The Eclectic Reader’s Challenge 2012 hosted by Book’d Out

My pledge: To read at least one title in each of the 12 genres.

Progress: I’m just over half-way through this challenge. I’ve completed the following genres: Literary Fiction, Crime, Romance Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thriller/ Suspense and rural lit (favourite genre). I still have 5 more to read: YA, Fantasy, SciFi, Horror and Wuthering Heights. To browse the reviews for this challenge click here.

The Aussie Author Challenge 2012 is hosted by Booklover Book Reviews 

Aussie Author Challenge 2012

My Pledge: To reach Dinky Di level and read 12 books by at least 6 different authors.

Progress: COMPLETE! I have read 20 books by Aussie authors so far in 2012. My reviews are here.

Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Jayne has
read 64 books toward her goal of 120 books.

I’m past the halfway mark for this challenge too, so I might increase my goal to 200 books.

Now it’s just a matter of making sure all my reviews are linked up to the challenge sites. I hope you are all travelling well with your own 2012 reading challenges 🙂


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