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Finally, the time of year has come! In just under six weeks I head off to India with my boyfriend Ryan to backpack for a few weeks and I can’t wait! Many people have asked me why India?

And I suppose there are times when I question that myself. We needed a cheap travel destination with cheap plane tickets that we could explore with just a few weeks off work and India was the lucky country! Of course South America and Europe are still high up on my list but unfortunately $$$ and my leave balance at work isn’t quite at the volume I would like it to be, so these places will have to be tucked away until we are in a better position to spread our wings that far. So, for now, India it is!

India has always been a place that intrigued me, I think it is the huge population, the organised chaos, the spirituality and the colour that draws me in. I think my expectations are within the realms of realistic as I am sure I will be completely overwhelmed the moment I step off the plane and realise what I’ve done. But that’s what I love about travelling- having the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and do something I wouldn’t normally do. Both Ryan and I will have quirks to overcome- for him being in a country with different standards of hygiene and cleanliness (he’s a bit of a clean freak) and for me it will be the invasion of personal space (being confined with a lot of people can really bug me!). But whether we love it or hate it, it’s one of those places you just have to go to and give it a go.

I’ve been reading fiction and memoirs about India over the past six months to get me prepared:

And then there’s also books I’ve read in the past about India such as Eat, Pray, Love and The White Tiger. I’m currently reading Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Australian author Sarah McDonald which is very entertaining.

In the meantime, I have been stockpiling ebooks on my kindle to travel with and trying to decide on just 1 paperback to fit into my backpack which is a lot harder than it seems!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you all know I’ll be away for most of June and I’ve tried to get a bit ahead with some of my reviews so there will be some scheduled posts during the month. However, I’d like to open it up to anyone who would like to help me out by contributing in any way- whether it’s a guest post about something you’d like to chat about, a review, a list of something book-related or an interview- anything would help! If you are interested then please send me an email@ jayne(DOT)fordham(AT) or leave a comment below.

For authors, I have a couple of free spots for my ‘indie author corner’ feature during June, so please fill out this form if you are interested.

Top 10 Books to Read When You Travel to India



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