Aussie Book Review: Morgan’s Law by Karly Lane

Morgan's Law Karly Lane- Morgan’s Law

 Format- Paperback

 Source- Review copy

 Publisher- Allen & Unwin

 Publication date- 30th April, 2012

 Synopsis- When Sarah Murphy returns to Australia she desperately needs a break from her high-powered London life. And though mystified by her grandmother’s dying wish for her ashes to be scattered under ‘the wishing tree’ on the banks of the Negallan River, she sets out to do just that. While searching for the wishing tree, Sarah stays in the small township of Negallan. It’s there that she finally has some time to relax and unwind, there that she finds herself drawn to a handsome local farmer, and there that she discovers her enquiries about her grandmother are causing disquiet within the powerful local Morgan family. Will the Morgans prevent Sarah from discovering the truth about her grandmother? And should she risk her glittering career in the UK for a simpler existence in the country, and the possibility of true love? By the bestselling author of North Star, Morgan’s Law takes you on a compelling journey into a young woman’s hopes and dreams.

Review- Six months after the death of her grandmother, Sarah returns to Australia from London to fulfil her last wishes of her ashes being scattered under the ‘wishing tree’ in her hometown, Negallan. Sarah is a high-achieving, successful career-woman who feels completely out of her depths in this sleepy, close-knit town where she sorely stands out- and not just because she drives a BMW!

Sarah befriends the local bartender Tash and catches the eye of Adam Buchanan; the hunky local cowboy who is completely different to the well-groomed immaculately dressed cheating ex-boyfriend Giles, who she left behind in London.

Determined to locate the wishing tree, scatter the ashes and get back to civilisation as soon as possible, Sarah realises that her journey to the outback will not be as simple as that. There are undercurrents that ground her there and motivate her to find out that her grandmother really was and what happened to her all those years ago to become estranged from her family as a teenager and never look back. Sarah uncovers a whole bunch of relatives she had never even heard of and in doing so creates tension in the town who feel she has ulterior motives for being there.

A quick two day trip lasts several weeks and Sarah finds herself revelling in the peace and quiet, slowing down her life and getting back to basics. Adam Buchanan is a tempting outlet and their chemistry sizzles throughout the story. I liked that Sarah is a strong woman who grows to love the rural community but will not settle for being a farmer’s wife without some real direction. I think this is what made her conflicts about pursuing a relationship with Adam quite realistic. Her driven personality would not have survived in that town without a career to keep her occupied. Ultimately, she is scared of the sacrifices she would have to make if she decides that Adam is worthy of a chance.

I especially loved Adam. He is cheeky, direct and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is blown away by Sarah the moment he lays eyes on her and I quite enjoyed their banter as it was evident that she not only annoyed the hell out of him but she also really hit a soft spot too. But Sarah’s stubborn nature and her fears of succumbing to love threaten their relationship before it even gets started.

I loved the complimentary characters brought to life in Morgan’s law as well as the secondary characters and sub-plots weaved throughout as it brought a real community atmosphere to the small rural town of Negallan. Sarah was a likeable, strong character who struggled to solidify her identity and find out where home really was. Adam was vulnerable and enticing and I really empathised for him when it was time for her to leave. I loved this story, but the only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because of the last part of the story which extended over nearly a year. I felt this was too long and a bit unfair on Adam, I honestly don’t know why Sarah couldn’t have just called him. I think she called herself a coward at one stage and I completely agreed with that. But in the end I was satisfied with how things all worked out, it was just tough to sit with that discomfort because I so badly wanted Adam and Sarah to work things out.

This is the second book released by Karly Lane this year which I have read and I must say I truly enjoy her work. She quite skilfully crafts interesting, real and engaging characters against a beautiful Australian setting and interweaves it with suspense, family secrets and personal struggles. Morgan’s Law is a fantastic read!

4.5/5 rating

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About the author: Karly Lane lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Proud mum to four beautiful children and wife of one very patient mechanic, she is lucky enough to get to spend her day doing the two things she loves most-being a mum and writing stories set in beautiful rural Australia. Karly is the bestselling author of North Star.

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  • I’m a huge fan of Karly Lane. I particularly like the strength of her characterisation and the way she captures small towns so I’m looking forward to reading Morgan’s Law. Thanks for an insightful review, Jayne.

  • My review goes up tomorrow Jayne and we came to the same conclusions! Great review!

    • Thanks Shelleyrae, great to hear you enjoyed it too! I’m loving Karly’s work and I really hope we don’t have to wait too long for another book to come out! I’ll check out your review tomorrow 🙂

  • Great review, Jayne, this book sounds like a lot of fun, particularly the relationship between Sarah and Adam. I wasn’t really keen on reading any more rural fiction but I think you’ve changed my mind 😉

    • Thanks Mandee. That’s a shame that you may give up on rural lit, but I guess Karly’s work is more about country life and family relationships than actual farmlife which makes her stories a little bit different to the traditional rural lit stories out there. If you are going to give this genre another try then i suggest you read Karly Lane!

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