Aussie Book Review: Lessons in Letting Go by Corinne Grant

Lessons in Letting Go: Confessions of a Hoarder Corinne Grant- Lessons in Letting Go

 Format- Paperback

 Source- Review copy

 Publisher- Allen & Unwin

 Publication date- May 2012 (re-release)

 Synopsis- An appealing and heartwarming memoir from one of Australia’s leading comic talents Lessons in Letting Go is an honest, moving and often uproariously funny memoir about how one woman reconciles love, loss, lack of cupboard space and far too much stuff. It’s an appealing account of the year in which Corinne Grant decided to do something about her hoarding. From every scrunchie she’s ever owned, to every pencil case and magazine, it’s time for it all to go. Problem is, getting rid of the stuff turns out to be much harder than she initially thought. This delightful memoir is about how the things we hold on to can end up dictating our lives. Warm, funny, candid and insightful, Lessons in Letting Go is about the pain—but also the necessity and the joy—in learning to let go from one of Australia’s best known, and most warmly regarded, performers.

 Review- Corrine’s memoir took an interesting slant in comparison to most comedic autobiographies currently on the market by Australians, to which I have read a couple. Surprisingly her story isn’t really about her success in the comedy industry rather it’s about the development of her inner strength and the desire to overcome not only her obvious hoarding predicament but also her self-doubt, insecurities and confusion over who she is as a person.

I believe this memoir was originally released last year, but has been re-released in May 2012 in a new paperback format, so I snapped up the opportunity to have a read of this memoir after reading some raving reviews, and it did not disappoint.

What really stood out for me about Lessons in Letting Go, is Corinne’s honesty with hints of humour but not too much to gloss over the difficult times in her life. She doesn’t scorn her weaknesses; she puts them out in plain view for everyone to see and begins to unravel them until she gets to the bottom of what it is all about. This confident, bubbly comedian who I have loved to watch on television shows such as Rove and Good News Week back in the day, behind closed doors was really quite anxious and overwhelmed with fear of letting go and being alone.

It was quite a feat, reading the process that Corinne undertook to de-clutter not only her home but also her overworking mind to move on with her life. I loved her honesty around her difficulties with her ex-boyfriend Thomas and how her best mate Adam stood by her through thick and thin.

Whether you are a fan of Corinne Grant in her professional life or not, I think Lessons In Letting Go is a really enjoyable memoir that will have you thinking it’s time for a spring clean!


4/5 rating

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About the author: Corinne got her start in TV as a regular Good News Week panellist in 1999 but her first full time TV gig was as one of the original members of Rove. In 2001 she took on a second job on ABC’s The Glasshouse until it wrapped in 2006. Corinne is an accomplished stand-up, MC, presenter, writer and broadcaster and has performed both nationally and internationally. She has also appeared on everything from Spicks and Specks to Dancing With The Stars to Good News Week. She has co-hosted successful national radio shows, performed countless solo live shows and appeared everywhere from the Sydney Opera House to the Kalgoorlie Arts Centre. Her natural, down-to-earth charm and her quick wit have made her one of Australia’s best known, and most warmly regarded, performers.

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  • I really enjoyed this book Jayne, I have hoarding tendencies I think so I found it both interesting and entertaining. I am a fan too so I think that helps 🙂

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