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Meet Mar Preston

I  grew up in northern Ontario and love its lakes and forests. But I lived in Santa  Monica for decades watching big money, land development, and politics  clash.

Getting  a good murder mystery novel out of what goes on behind the scenes in grassroots  politics, glitzy businesses, and developer skullduggery makes all those dreary  Santa Monica city council meetings worthwhile.

I  live now in a village in the California mountains not that far from the edge of  the Los Angeles sprawl. There’s too much to do here: I’m writing crime fiction  seriously, but I can’t get away from the SPCA, local environmental politics, and  the writing community.

Life  is good.

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About the book:

Title: RIP Off

Genre: Crime Fiction

Synopsis: High-tech  burglary and murder are bad for business in the upscale, tourist-destination  beach city of Santa Monica with its leftist politics, rich homeowners, and huge  homeless population. Bad for Detective Dave Mason of the Santa Monica Police  Department.

A  deadbeat burglar has been found in the upscale Santa Monica beach condo of a  playboy studio exec. The dead body must link up with a string of high-tech  burglaries, and the Chechens Mason keeps meeting must link up with each other  somehow, but how?

The  investigation leads him down mean streets into the dark world of embezzlement  and an explosion that almost kills him. The stakes rise as the investigation  send Mason to the Hollywood Russian community where he is warned off by the FBI  and Homeland Security. A bungled take down results in two murders of key  informants. Fingers are pointed. Mason is outranked and the Department  blamed.

While  Mason brings an international whodunit to an end, restoring his own and the  Department’s reputation, he finds his relationship with his community activist  girlfriend teetering on the edge.

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  • Hi, MARY PRESTON here. I saw Mar Preston & I thought what on earth have I been up to. I had to laugh!!

  • Thanks for sharing Rip-Off. Give it a try, folks.
    You asked a couple of days ago about favorite Australian classics. I absolutely loved Patrick White’s “A Fringe of Leaves.”

    Fascinating, superb writing, and so exotic to a Californian.

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