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Meet Pete Abela

I’m an author from the city of Wollongong, just south of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been a left-brained computer scientist whose love of reading eventually led me to take up writing. Having surprised myself and those around me by getting Wings published, I’m now having fun dreaming up marketing strategies and publicity stunts – tasks I never could have envisaged doing ten years ago. I continue to stretch the boundaries of my right hemisphere and am now working to complete a second novel.

My left brain hasn’t been totally neglected through this process. I work as an IT Manager in order to help keep my wife and four kids fed and clothed. When I’m not working, reading, writing or enjoying the company of my family, I like to sneak away for a bit of exercise – either tennis, soccer or a laborious run.

You can find more about me at my website and blog ( The blog contains a number of really bad jokes. You have been warned.

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About the book:

WingsTitle: Wings

Genre: Historical Fiction/ General Fiction

Publisher: Really Blue Books

Synopsis:Wings tells the story of Walt and his grandson Scott, who both have a fierce longing to fly albeit in vastly different circumstances.

Walt – who grew up in the depression – found out first hand that becoming a pilot takes sacrifice and tenacity. When World War II broke out he pestered the RAF for eighteen months before they finally accepted him. At that point he was given forty eight hours leave to marry his sweetheart and then sent overseas for twelve months of training before returning for operational flying.

Scott spent his childhood listening to tales of his Grandfather’s aerial exploits and developed an intense craving to be a pilot. He gave up education, financial security and a possible career to follow his dream. However, the number of people wanting to be a pilot vastly outweighs the limited opportunities on offer.

Wings weaves together two tales: one set in war-torn northern England, and the other set in the modern-day Illawarra region of New South Wales. As Scott learns about the sacrifices and difficulties Walt overcame to take to the sky, he battles his own challenges in order to follow his dream. As Scott progresses, his grandfather declines – Walt loses his wife, his sight and his hearing – but throughout these difficulties is still there to offer support and encouragement. In following Scott’s progress towards his dream, Walt also keeps alive the wonder of his own youth. With insights into the modern day aviation scene and life in the Royal Air Force of World War II, this is a must for anyone who has an interest in history, aviation or simply an old fashioned love story.

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