Challenge round-up (#2) for 2012

Only a few weeks until the end of Winter and it will soon bring the season of spring marked by warm days, new life and blooming flowers. So instead of doing a spring clean of my house, i thought it was about time i tidied up some of my proposed reading challenges for 2012 by tallying up my progress.

Australian Women Writers Reading and Reviewing Challenge 2012
2012 Book Challenge My pledge: To read and review and review at least 10 books by Australian women writer’s across more than one genre.

Progress: My last update in April announced that I had completed my goal for this challenge of reading 10 books. But I decided to continue on and try to read as many books by female Australian authors as I can.

 To date, I have read 48  books by Australian Women during 2012. To browse the titles i have reviewed click here.

The Eclectic Reader’s Challenge 2012 hosted by Book’d Out

My pledge: To read at least one title in each of the 12 genres.

Progress: I haven’t really progressed much with this challenge since my last update. I’ve read 7 and still have 5 titles to go. I have actually read books in those remaining genres but haven’t linked them to the challenge so I will have to set aside specific books over the next few months for this challenge. I’ve updated my pledge post with some upcoming titles.

 To browse the reviews for this challenge click here.

Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge

 My initial goal was to read 120 books but I passed that so I increased it to 150 books. I’ve just about reached that goal too so I will likely increase it again to 200. If i reach 200 then I would have doubled the amount of books I read last year!

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Jayne has
read 133 books toward her goal of 150 books.

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