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Aussie Short Story Review: A Most Serious Gentleman by Anne Brear #aww2012

A Most Serious Gentleman A Most Serious Gentleman by Anne Brear


Free copy from publisher website

Knox Robinson Publishing, March 2012

 Synopsis- It’s 1919 and the war in Europe is over. As the men make their way home to start rebuilding their lives, it quickly becomes clear that some scars are not physical…

Sir Jeremy Remington, a validated hero, wants to take a wife. Not just any woman, but the one woman he’s been waiting for, Millie March. Thinking about her got him through the war… and although she accepts his proposal, will she accept him for who he really is, a damaged man?

Getting married had been pushed to the back of Millie March’s mind during the war. Moreover, there had never been one man who she felt was ‘the one’ to marry. And so, she is as surprised as everyone when she accepts Sir Jeremy’s proposal.

Her family worries that he is too old, too serious, too quiet and perhaps too damaged to be a loving husband to her. However, Millie’s instincts tells her she is making the right decision, but will her growing love be enough to heal the wounds of war?

Review-  A Most Serious Gentleman is a historical romance short story by Australian author, Anne Brear. I downloaded a free copy of this story earlier in the year when I reviewed a full-length novel by the same author, To Take Her Pride.

Even though I have a bunch of review books to get through at the moment, I found myself reading several quite lengthy books and feeling a little overwhelmed when I finished one and had another long one to read. So I was flicking through the pages on my kindle and came across a couple of short stories and thought it would be the perfect (short-term) solution- I could read it super quick and feel like I’ve accomplished something!

Set in Yorkshire, England in 1919 following the war in Europe, A Most Serious Gentleman introduces us to Millie March on the day of her wedding. At age 23 years she has agreed to marry Sir Jeremy Remington, close friend of her father who is more than ten years her senior. She is an intelligent and social woman and he is a somber, quiet man, but she is intrigued by him and accepts his proposal wholeheartedly- despite the objection of her mother and sisters.

The story is presented across a couple of scenes from Millie readying herself for the wedding, to the ceremony to their travels to the hotel where they will spend their first night as a married couple. Millie is curious about the intimacy of marriage and finds herself very attracted to Jeremy. He has admired her for many years but fears his PTSD symptoms from the war will scare her off.

I quite liked both of the characters and they both experienced their own uncertainties which were resolved rather sweetly. However, I felt there wasn’t any building climax or strong conflict. I know it’s a short story and not everything can be covered in just over 20 pages but it felt like there was only a beginning and an end… no real middle. Nevertheless it was a pleasant, quick read which left me wanting to know what would happen next.

Overall Rating


“I really liked this”

Visit Knox Robinson Publishing to download a free copy of A Most Serious Gentleman

About the author: Anne was born of Yorkshire parents and has a large family in England. She lives in Australia and is a full-time writer. She has been writing since 1997. She specialises in historical women’s fiction and modern women’s fiction. her books are set mainly in Yorkshire, England.

This book was read as part of the AWW2012 challenge:

4 thoughts on “Aussie Short Story Review: A Most Serious Gentleman by Anne Brear #aww2012”

  1. 20 pages is a very short period of time to get a full story in to. I am halfway through reading one of this author’s books on my phone. It’s my book to read whenever I find myself without my normal reading material


  2. It’s not much time at all to establish a story, but it’s quick and enjoyable and i have a couple more i’ll probably pick up in the next couple of weeks. I have a book on my phone too- Wuthering Heights… though i have only got through a page or two. But it comes in handy when i’m stuck waiting somewhere without a book or my kindle in hand!


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