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The past couple of months have been a little crazy for me with the excitement of our recent engagement. It wasn’t long before the reality hit- I actually had to plan a wedding! My fiancé and I are both terribly indecisive. For me, I’m just not really fussed about the details, I don’t get too concerned about the small things and I really only have big opinions about things I’m really passionate about. Unfortunately, weddings are all about details!

I’ve actually had friends who have been surprised by my laid back attitude to making wedding decisions. The things I felt most strongly have already been settled- small, intimate wedding, country autumn setting and a dress I fall in love with every time I see it.

So I’ve been meeting with photographers, celebrants, florists and in discussion with musicians, cake makers, and stationary websites and of course dress shopping! Most of the big stuff is out of the way now, but I’ve found myself being heavily distracted of late, trying to keep in mind deadlines and timeframes for deposits, returning forms, meetings etc.

This has certainly affected my rate of reading over the last three months as I not only try to plan a wedding, but I’ve just sent off my finished manuscript to a publisher (fingers crossed!), plus keep a book blog afloat and continuing to be present at my day job. Oh and finding myself rattling off vague answers to the abundance of questions from curious family and friends “So are kids on the cards once you’re married?”

With only seven months to the big day I fear my reading habits will continue to wane and I don’t think bridal magazines can really count for a mentally stimulating experience- even though there are a lot of very pretty pictures!

Today, instead of a review I’m sharing some bookish wedding pics I’ve found during my online research. My fiancé and I both love to read and we’d love to find a subtle way to incorporate this into our wedding. At the moment I love the idea of using some quotes, probably Jane Austen that can be displayed at the reception.

*Click on the photos to go to the original source*

I love these bride and groom silhouettes
wedding with book details
I love the idea of using old books for decorating
So beautiful!
I think i’d be too tempted to browse the shelves during the ceremony!
Paper Wedding Bridal Bouquet- A Midsummer's Night Dream, 10 inch, 18 flowers, handmade, one of a kind, origami, destination wedding
Shakespearean bouquet
Old books and flowers: themed wedding centrepiece
I think vintage books will suit our wedding theme
Funky book pop outs- made by husband of Aussie book blogger, Belle’s Bookshelf

Okay, that’s enough procrastinating  from me for now, i have some reviews to write!

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