Australian Follower Giveaway: Win one of two print copies of The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

The lovely publicists at Allen and Unwin have a whole heap of Uncorrected Proof Copies of The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton to give away. I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 copies to offer as a giveaway to my followers. I’m looking forward to reading this book, it’s getting some fabulous reviews. And what’s more, she’s an Australian author!

The Secret Keeper

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Terms of the Giveaway NOW CLOSED

This giveaway is for those residing in Australia ONLY. I’m sorry, but i’m sending out these print copies out of my own expenses and postage costs aren’t cheap.

There are 2 uncorrected proof copies of The Secret Keeper up for grabs.

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Entries close November 11th, 2012 and the winner will be drawn via


  • I have this book, would love to hear what you think? It’s literally at the bottom of my pile! LOL it looks amazing though! I’ve got waaaaay too much reading to do, I continually change and move books in order of reading them, then I try to put library books first, then another cover looks too good that I pick that up and the story literally goes on! I decided to click on your giveaways section to have a look so that’s why I keep commenting! Haha! I particularly like ones to do with English Lords and Ladies! I need to go to the library tomorrow. Literally get stuck into my certificate and then get that qualification and start writing my own book hopefully. I never thought I would be good even though I have a blog, sometimes I feel I’m not so creative as I think to come up with a WHOLE plot! I have lots to get through, but I just need order and structure! And my idea of a novel would love to share with readers! Hehe I have an idea which I’ve done two chapters, The Lady of Arley Hall. When I visit Cheshire next year, have to take LOTS and lots of notes! Arley Hall is a grade II listed building in the country and my ancestors the Egerton-Warburton lived there. All the reason to go! I know I won’t want to come back! Anyways, I am raving on, but need someone to talk to! Haha! I’m just watching Murdoch Mysteries…. chat soon!

    • It has been a few years since i’ve read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, but i did really love it. Here’s a link to my review:
      I know you what you mean about there being so many books to read and not enough time! My TBR list is growing and growing and i don’t know when and if i’ll ever get to all the books i’d like to read.
      Your novel idea sounds very fascinating and i love that it’s connected to a building where your ancestors lived. You will have lots of fun researching it while you are overseas! Good luck with your novel writing 🙂

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