Short Story Review: Escape to the Country by Prue Phillipson

Escape to the Country Escape to the Country by Prue Phillipson


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 Knox Robinson Publishing, March 2012

 Synopsis- As the plague ravages London, Benjamin, a young aristocrat, is abandoned by his mother outside the house of her lover…

Reverend Woodhouse has journeyed from his brother’s countryside farm in Surrey to rescue the city’s waifs from the threat of plague. Benjamin allows himself to be caught up in the rescue and soon finds himself on a grand adventure.

But Benjamin’s father has other plans for his only son and heir..

 Review-  Historical fiction author, Prue Phillipson has produced a sweet short story about a young boy’s attempts to change his life in Escape to the Country.

Young Benjamin was born into a wealthy family; his father has high expectations of him to continue the family business while his mother facilitates clandestine music lessons to support his love of music- which his father discourages.

Following a music lesson, Benjamin’s mother urges him to return home on his own while she remains with the teacher whom she is having an affair with the intention of eloping. As the plague threatens London, while Benjamin walks home he is approached by Reverend Woodhouse who is rescuing vulnerable children. Benjamin seizes the opportunity to escape his father’s demands and his mother’s preoccupations and accepts a ride into the country.

Benjamin tries to keep his family particulars to himself but he inadvertently discloses information revealing himself as a young aristocrat. Woodhouse is keen to reunite the boy with his family.

Escape to the Country is a quick read and a pleasant tale about a young boy who wants to be valued as himself within his family. It was an easy read, the premise is probably not something that would appeal to me as a novel but it did work well as a short story.

Overall Rating


“It was good”

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