NanoWriMo update: week 2

Two weeks down and I’m really happy with the progress I’m making on my manuscript. I got into a bit of a panic on Monday when my laptop crashed due to a nasty virus and wiped my hard drive clean. I felt like my life had been deleted in under a minute. A little sad, I know.

Thankfully my fiancé managed to recover my photos and files so I could back them up to an external hard drive. Luckily my current writing projects were saved on USB.

My laptop is back in working order but still a little bare and slow. So I only missed one day of Nano which hasn’t put me too far behind and I hope to catch up soon.

Word count= 23,483/ 50,000

I know I haven’t posted many reviews lately but I hope to get a couple up this weekend. In the meantime I’ve started reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and I really like it so far.

If anyone else is participating in Nano, I wish you luck and would love to hear how you’re going.

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