Christmas-themed romance short story collection coming soon…

Romance Novel Publishing (RNP) is a brand new e-publishing venture focusing primarily on romance stories. They will be publishing short story compilations as well as novellas and novels. RNP will publish across many romantic sub-genres: historical, paranormal, time-travel, themed etc.

I am thrilled to have a Christmas-themed short story commissioned for their upcoming collection. It’s a down under romance titled, Last Chance Junction and will introduce two loveable characters, feisty Mia Fletcher and the sweet and sexy, Nick Holmes. They are both on their way home to Broken Hill from Sydney to spend time with family when they are forced to take shelter at an outback Inn to escape a summer thunderstorm.

As childhood best friends, there’s an instant spark of attraction that reignites when they cross paths. Mia is defensive and Nick is a little confused, an interesting mix when they are forced to share a room together. Their night goes from complicated to problematic when an armed drug-dealer turns up on their doorstep and holds them captive.


The story is currently going through the editing/ formatting processes and will be compiled along with a few other Christmas shorts and available soon. I’ll let you know when I get more info, but for now I wanted to share the happy news!

I’ve recently discovered how fun short-story writing can be and it’s a great way to hone down those writing skills and create an engaging story within a small word count. It also allows me to go through the pages and pages of story ideas I have jotted down over the years and create a story without committing to the time required to complete a novel.

What’s more, RNP enjoyed my story so much they have requested I write a time-travel romance for their upcoming time-travel short story compilation due for release early next year. Though I’m a huge fan of historical romances, it’s a genre I have yet to tackle and as I’ve started working on the story I’m finding it (happily) pushes me out of my writing comfort zone. All I can say about this one right now is it involves a young woman, Izzy Wright who lives in modern day Australia. She discovers a family heirloom that transports her back into the time of early Australia. Enter handsome Samuel Chapman with his traditional values and gentlemanly manners and Izzy soon has to decide whether she remains in the past with this loving man or face the problems she left behind in the present day.

I’m already having a lot of fun writing this one!

I’ve also been offered a contract for a romance novella with RNP so I’ll keep you updated once I receive more information about all these upcoming releases!

The Romance Novel Publishing website is currently under construction, but you can check out their first short story compilation of paranormal romance here:


RNP is also on Facebook.


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