NanoWriMo Challenge Complete! 50,000+ words in 30 days!

YAY! It’s the last day of Nano and I have met my target!


What a month! I managed to put aside 1.5 hours a day to dedicate to Nano, working towards 50k words on one of my manuscripts. Deception (Book Two of the Elite Series) isn’t quite finished but I did meet the word count so I am thrilled! In fact, I probably went well and truly over the word count as I have worked on a couple of short stories throughout the month too.

I had a couple of setbacks over the month like my laptop crashing twice, having to work off a Mac (which i’m unfamiliar with), problems with my email and then my dog had to have an operation so I’ve been giving him lots of extra attention these past few days.

Total word count= 50,246

What I learnt from Nano:

1. I can write everyday! (though my blog does suffer a little)

2. I can write even when I really don’t feel like it. In fact when I get started it’s hard for me to stop.

3. I’ll never be much of a plotter. Despite my best attempts to have a plotted novel to try and keep me on track, my best writing comes from just letting the characters take me wherever they please.

4. Working on smaller projects like short stories and developing other ideas really helps with motivation when working on a longer novel.

5. No matter what setbacks came my way, I kept my cool (well, most of the time!) and continued pushing forward.

and 6. It’s really hard to sit and type when it’s in the mid thirties and my air con is broken! Thank god Nano ended today!

Thank you to those who sent their encouragements my way and to all my fav bloggers whom I’ve neglected to visit over the past month.


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