Blog Survey 2013… I’d love to hear your thoughts

The New Year is looming and I’m starting to schedule in posts and and reviews for 2013. I’ve also been thinking about any changes I’d like to make on my blog for next year and wondered what you all thought.

The first thing I’d like to change up for next year is moving away from the indie book features and focusing more on Australian author Q&A’s and guest posts. I’m hoping to introduce this as a weekly feature on Wednesdays replacing the ‘Indie Author Corner’ feature. As much as I would love to continue supporting indie authors (and I certainly still will do if the author is from Australia) it can be quite time consuming arranging all the posts and I often have to follow up with authors to obtain all the required information for the feature. I know that many of the indie giveaways have been popular, particularly the ones where a print copy is available for those in Australia so I hope to continue some of these in 2013.

Anyway, let me know what you’d like to see more of (or to continue) in 2013 on The Australian Bookshelf Blog.


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