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Rescue Heat Complete - Rowena Hawksley Rescue Heat by Nina Hamilton


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Escape Publishing, January 2013

 Synopsis- Hanging, strapped together, ten metres above a sea platform forces a quick intimacy between workmates. For Dr Brigid Adair, dangling from a helicopter wire is an everyday occurrence in her job working for the helicopter rescue crew in North Queensland, Australia.
For Former US Army medic Matt Roberts, Australia means a new future; a place to escape from the war zones of his past. Despite his significant wealth, he’s taken a job as an elite helicopter paramedic, wanting to make a positive contribution to his new community.
Matt Roberst knows very well the destruction that romance can reap on a unit, so when he first arrives and sees the gorgeous single doctor, Brigid assigned to his rescue crew, he’s nervous. Very nervous.
Dr Brigid Adair is going to need more than just her medical training to lead Matt back from his self-imposed isolation. High-pressure situations hovering over some of Australia’s deadliest land and sea and the ignition of a passionate flame might just do the trick.

Review- Rescue Heat is the debut novel by Australian author, Nina Hamilton.

From the blurb, I expected a romantic suspense novel but Rescue Heat is actually a contemporary romance. Brigid and Matt, a doctor and paramedic work in a rescue crew in Cairns, North Queensland. Though their jobs are adrenaline-fuelled and active, they don’t wind up in a life-threatening situation, a layer of external conflict customary for romsus. Nevertheless, the story is still fast-paced and their relationship moves along quickly as their professional and personal lives interweave. From saving a boy from a snake bite to a washed up fishermen and injured bushwalkers, their job is varied and never dull.

Matt is a former US Army Medic who willingly traded in the combat zones for the tropical weather and varied work with the rescue team. He’s a man used to being in control and working in a male-dominated field so when he meets Dr Brigid Adair, he is surprised by his instant attraction.

I liked Matt and Brigid’s direct and open approach to their attraction to each other and despite Brigid’s initial hesitation to indulge in a purely sexual fling with Matt when she does concede she wholeheartedly embraces it. But as the weeks go by and Matt and Brigid’s affair begins to mimic a relationship, the pressure is on for them to define their relationship. An upcoming ball and curious questions by colleagues forces them to come to terms with the nature of their relationship but neither is willing to express their true feelings. Matt and Brigid are a refreshing couple- both strong and hard-working- their chemistry is unquestionable.

The only issue I had with the story was in regards to Matt’s reluctance to offer more than a sexual relationship. I understand he had an issue with his ex-girlfriend and a colleague but it didn’t strike me as a strong enough motivator not to get involved with Brigid. Formerly working in the army would obviously impact on his ability to be open emotionally to a relationship but I didn’t feel this was conveyed enough through his perspective. Instead it was managed via abrupt cruel remarks he made to Brigid to push her away. When the conflict is resolved in the end I was left guessing what he had to overcome to be open to a relationship with Brigid as it was never really explored. Regardless, the resolution was sweet and far from unsatisfying.

Rescue Heat is a short novel packed with action, tension and undeniable chemistry between the hero and heroine. I read it in quite a short timeframe and I’ll be looking out for any future titles by this author.

Overall Rating


“I loved this book!”

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