Aussie Book Review: Christmas Wishes by Rhian Cahill

xmas wishesChristmas Wishes by Rhian Cahill


Freebie from publisher

Escape Publishing, November 2012

 Synopsis- This Christmas, Santa is granting wishes these two friends never knew they had.

Helping his best friend photograph a bunch of hyperactive kids is suddenly the least of Dean Hall’s problems when he sees the costume Talli wants him to wear. No guy in his right mind wants to be seen in a pair of tights.

Talli Jarmen isn’t above a little subterfuge when she’s desperate for help. But getting Dean’s assistance proves to be more than she bargained for when she sees him decked out in the naughtiest Christmas costume she’s ever laid eyes on. She’s never thought about Dean that way, but seeing him practically naked has her questioning their ‘friends only’ status. But wanting more is dangerous. Are they willing to risk all they have for what could be?

Review- Christmas Wishes is a short and sweet holiday themed read from the digital publishing strand of Harlequin, Escape Publishing. I picked up a free copy of this one for completing a survey via their blog and even though Christmas feels like a lifetime ago, I decided to read it right away.

Set in Sydney over Christmas, best friends Talli and Dean arrive at a photography gig in the heart of the holiday period. Talli, the photographer has roped Dean into being her assistant for the day- only she hasn’t told him being an assistant means wearing tights and a midriff top! Talli’s eyes bulge out of her head when she sees Dean in the teeny outfit and despite their ‘friends only’ status she starts to see him in a new light. Dean is a little further along in the feelings department and has plans to win his best friends heart.

The story mostly spans the course of the day with the chemistry between Talli and Dean heating up until they return back to her home for dinner. But before they even get to the mains the tension has heightened and they move straight onto dessert. The couple set aside their anxieties and succumb to their desires, knowing full well what they have to lose if things don’t work out.

Talli and Dean are fun characters with plenty of chemistry and I enjoyed how the sexual tension amplified throughout their day working together. Though the tension and internal conflict was clear enough I did feel it was resolved rather quickly and easily. There was no real climax in the plot… except what was happening in the bedroom. It’s a novella-length story so I expected some shortcuts in the development of the romance but I would have liked to see one more hurdle thrown at Talli and Dean before everything was resolved.

Christmas Wishes is a fun, short Christmas read that will certainly please the romance reader.

I had a quick Q&A with the author, Rhian Cahill when her book was launced with Escape Publishing, you can read it here.

Overall Rating


“I liked this”

Christmas Wishes can be purchased from Escape Publishing and other leading ebook retailers

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