Aussie Book Review: Valentine’s Dates by Rhian Cahill

valentines Valentine’s Dates by Rhian Cahill


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Escape Publishing, February 2013

 Synopsis- She’s done with the dating scene. He wants a lifetime of Valentine’s Dates.

Brent had his chance to be Valentine’s date and he blew it. But loving his best friend’s little sister from afar isn’t working. When she calls him in tears Brent’s only choice is to come to her rescue. And now that he’s got her safe in his arms he’s going to make sure she stays there.

It doesn’t matter how much Vee tries to convince herself her feelings for Brent were destroyed years ago. He is still the first person she calls when she needs help. Breaking down in his arms wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was kissing him.

Forced to face their past, Brent and Vee must forgive each other – and themselves – if there’s any hope for the love still burning between them.

Review- Valentine’s Dates is the third holiday-themed novella by Rhian Cahill released with Escape Publishing since its launch in November 2012. At just 24,000 words, this is a short and sweet romance fitting perfectly to the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Brent is the best friend of Valentine’s (yes, that’s the protagonist’s name!) brother. He’s been living with his mate for awhile when Valentine (“Vee”) temporarily moves in with them while renovations are being undertaken at her home. Neither have really moved on from their brief fling ten years prior during the aftermath of the death of Vee’s parents. When their attraction to each other was consummated all those years ago, Brent snuck out before morning feeling like he took advantage of his mate’s grieving sister and Vee was left feeling rejected and used.

Vee is still hung up on Brent but refuses to let that stop her from living her life, but when she is tricked into going on a date with a man that goes from bad to worse, Brent is the first person she calls for help. Stranded, missing her phone and purse and feeling a little humiliated, hearing Brent’s caring voice and the soft way he calls her ‘baby’ results in Vee’s mini emotional breakdown. Brent comes to the rescue, gathers her up and takes her home where he decides it’s about time he woos her and shows Vee how much she means to him. During the next twenty-four hours their chemistry is undeniable and the tension is amplified but they are both hesitant about making the next move due to their history. I liked how direct Vee and Brent became, especially when her brother walked in on them wearing only towels- they didn’t bother with any excuses!

I really enjoyed Valentine’s Dates, I think it was well-written, the chemistry was obvious and there was a more than satisfactory relationship development arc to sustain the short word count. Though there was a little too much back-story and information dumping in the first scene after that I was completely engaged and finished the story in one sitting. I enjoyed this one far more than Christmas Wishes and given Cahill is fairly established in the erotic fiction genre, I think she’s definitely now finding her roots in contemporary romance. After reading Christmas Wishes and now Valentine’s Dates, I’m tempted to pick up a copy of Cahill’s second novella, New Year’s Kisses.

Overall Rating


“I loved this book!”

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