Aussie Book Review: Room Service by Vanessa Stark

room service Room Service by Vanessa Stark


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Escape Publishing, February 2013

Synopsis- Although she is a bestselling author of erotic romance, Natasha Raven has never penned a sex scene. Her sister, Liza, was responsible for the sizzle in Natasha’s books – until she passed away only months ago. Now Natasha must write the scenes herself. Trouble is, she hasn’t a clue what to write and being a virgin doesn’t help. When she is invited to speak at a conference workshop titled ‘From Your Sheets to the Page,’ Natasha panics. But a suggestive wink from a young hotel staffer named Jace gives her an idea. But will she go through with it? And is Jace all that he seems?

Review- Room Service is an erotic fiction novella (10,500 words) by Australian author, Vanessa Stark released by Escape Publishing this month.

Natasha Raven is a bestselling erotic romance author who has never actually written a sex scene. In fact, Natasha is a virgin and has quite a traumatic childhood background involving a cult and the creepy Father Glen whom she was promised to marry before she escaped. Room Service is set at an Australian erotic fiction writers conference where Natasha is supposed to present a workshop on penning a sex scene. Panicking that she will be exposed as a fraud, Natasha acts on the flirtatious advances of the sexy room service attendant Jace in a desperate attempt to get some first-hand material for her workshop. Only Jace sees right through her hoax and could expose her to her loyal fellowship of readers.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a story that falls strictly under the ‘erotic’ category though I have read plenty of romances and contemporary stories with very HEATED scenes so I was very surprised to find that there was not much heat in Room Service. Besides the fact that Natasha is an erotic writer and it’s set at an erotic writer’s conference there’s not much eroticism going on in this story. Apart from one failure of a sexual encounter between Natasha and Jace it’s quite an anti-climax (pun intended!).

I understand Natasha was dedicated to her readers but I didn’t really believe she would throw herself at Jace considering her background. If she’d avoided physical intimacy with anyone thus far I find it hard to believe that she would give up her virginity to someone she just met. The cult experience is a good reason for her not wanting to be physically intimate with anyone but I think it was quite an ambitious character back story to introduce in such a short word count. Natasha obviously has serious trust issues (understandably) so her impulsivity with Jace just wasn’t realistic for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the writing, I just felt the characterisation and authenticity of the characters and their situation was a little weak.

Room Service didn’t quite dish up what was on the menu but it is a short, easy read and a tolerable way to pass less than an hour of my time. I have enjoyed numerous short stories and novellas from Escape Publishing thus far, so this certainly won’t deter me from giving erotic fiction another try.

Overall Rating


“Wasn’t really for me”

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