Reading on Location (part 3): Italy

The last couple of weeks I’ve been chatting about my upcoming holiday to Europe and how I enjoy preparing for travel through books; both fiction and non-fiction. Last week I listed the books set in France I want to read and have recently read, this week I’m looking at books set in Italy.

 I thought I had more books on my Italy TBR list, but it seems I’ve read quite a few already and my France list more than makes up for it.

1. Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes: This is the sequel to the memoir, Under the Tuscan Sun, a book famously made into a movie.


2. That Summer In Sicily by Marlena de Blasi: I know Under the Tuscan Sun is one of the most renowned memoirs of an ex-pat relocating to Tuscany to live, but I much prefer the memoirs of Marlena de Blasi. She fell in love with a Venetian and has since spent time in Venice, Tuscany and has now settled in Umbria. That Summer in Sicily is the only book in her memoir series I haven’t read. I won’t be going to Sicily (sadly) while I’m in Italy so this book probably won’t be a big priority for me in the short-term, I do still hope to have a read of this one because I love her travel and cooking adventures. She writes with beautiful prose and has the kind of books you can completely immerse yourself in and imagine you are in a vineyard in Italy.


3. The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich: I love stories about midwives and this one is obviously set in Venice. I’ve read some fabulous reviews about this one, though I’ve only known of its existance for a couple of weeks.


Apart from de Blasi’s memoirs, I can recommend historical novels The Venetian Contract by Marina Fiorato, The Wedding Shroud by Elisabeth Storrs, Daughters of Rome and Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn as stories set in Italy that I’ve previously enjoyed.

If you have any favourite Italy-set books, feel free to make some suggestions. I still have spots on my Kindle for books to “pack.”


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