Aussie Book Excerpt: The Day Embroidered by Anne Brear

Today, Australian author Anne Brear has stopped by to share an excerpt of her latest historical fiction novel with Knox Publishing, The Day Embroidered.

embroidered The Scottish Highlands, 1899. A life-altering event led Catrina Davies to hide from her family and society. Alone in the Highlands, she exists in a lonely world cared for only by her savior, a kind old gentleman. When she receives a surprise visitor, Travis Millard, the man she used to love, her head and heart are thrown into turmoil. Travis is determined to save her from this poor life and return her to her family where she belongs. No one is more surprised than he when she agrees to marry him. When Catrina arrives back at her family estate, Davmoor Court in Yorkshire, she is stunned to see the changes. When one of her brother’s adversaries comes to stake his claim on the estate, the resulting chaos threatens not only Catrina’s home, but the very lives of those she loves the most. Can she find the strength to fight once more for the right to be happy?

The Day Embroidered by Anne Brear

An excerpt…

Catrina was both apprehensive and curious as to who had arrived. No one knew she lived here, except for those in the village and none of the males down there could be classed as a gentleman. She hurried over the small rises and dips that years of harsh weather had carved into the mountain, wanting for once that she lived on level ground. After flinging open the small wooden gate in the walled garden behind the cottage, she weaved between the vegetable beds that she worked on earlier. At sunrise she’d been up digging and planting the beds ready for the summer crops. Geese honked out of her way, offended by the intrusion.

At the back door she hesitated, puffing, and glanced at Lettie. “Did he say nothing at all?”

“Only that he wished to see Miss Catrina Davies.” Lettie opened the door, which led into the stone floor scullery and then through to the small, yet comfortable kitchen, which was her domain. Lettie turned in the act of taking her apron down from the hook on the wall. “I must say he seems very…important. Do you think he’s come from your old home?”

Catrina flinched. She’d had no contact with her family for three years. She slowly pulled out the pins securing her straw hat. It wouldn’t be someone from home, surely? How would they know where to find her? Unless something had happened to Hugh…

Seeing her concerned face, Lettie patted her arm. “Nay, Miss, don’t worry. It might be something and nothing.” She smiled, her plump cheeks dimpling. “Go on through and I’ll set a tea tray.”

Summoning her courage, Catrina slipped off her shawl, tidied her hair and smoothed down her skirt of light green and white stripe. On impulse, after washing off the dirt from the garden this morning, she had dressed in one of her best day dresses, as her way of welcoming the fine weather and the hope of spring. She was thankful she at least looked suitable for visitors, even if she didn’t feel it.

From the kitchen, Catrina stepped down the narrow dark hall to the front sitting room. Her footsteps faltered in the doorway as movement near the fireplace caught her attention. A tall man, dressed in dark trousers and a long black coat stood with his back to the door. On the chair by the window sat his hat and gloves. This touch of manliness was foreign. The only man to have been in this room for years was Hugh Henley. She glanced around the room once more to check if anything else was different, but nothing showed out of the ordinary. Her embroidery lay on the side table, a handkerchief on top of the book she’d been reading last night.

Suddenly the gentleman turned around to face her. Catrina stood rigid, shocked. Travis. He was here. Her focus dimmed and all went black.

The Day Embroidered can be purchased in paperback from Knox Publishing, Fishpond and other book retailers.


anne brearAbout the author: Anne Brear was born to Yorkshire parents, but grew up in Australia. Her love of reading fiction started at an early age with Enid Blyton’s novels, before moving on into more adult stories such as Catherine Cookson’s novels as a teenager. Living in England, she discovered her love of history by visiting the many and varied places of historical interest.

The road to publication was long and winding with a few false starts, but she finally became published in 2006. Since that time, Anne’s had twelve novels and several short stories published.

Currently, Anne is writing only historical novels, mainly set in Yorkshire in the eras covering from Victorian to WWII. Her books are available in ebook and paperback from bookstores, especially online bookstores such as Amazon.

Anne Brear has done it again. She quickly became one on my ‘must read’ list. –The Romance Studio

“The House of Women” is full of twists and turns that are sure to entertain. Ms. Brear’s character development has certainly impressed me. Kudos to the author. – Diane Wylie – author

For more about Anne Brear and her books visit her on the web:

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