Stacking the Shelves #39


Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga @ Tynga’s Reviews.

For Stacking the Shelves, I take the opportunity to share what books I’ve bought, won or received for review. Click on the book cover to go to Goodreads and find out more information.

Review:  Two books turned up this week, one of which was a very pleasant surprise. Heartland by Cathryn Hein (due for release on 27th April) from Penguin Australia… and I was very excited to discover that a quote from my review of Hein’s Heart of the Valley is displayed on the back (thank you Marcia for pointing this out!)


A powerful, passionate and moving rural love story from the bestselling author of Promises and Heart of the Valley.
When Callie Reynolds arrives at Glenmore, the property she’s recently inherited, the last thing she wants is to be saddled with a warty horse, an injured neighbour and a mad goose. Haunted by her sister’s death and her fractured family, all she wants is freedom.
But Callie hasn’t counted on falling for Matt Hawkins, an ex-soldier determined to fulfil his own dream of land and family. Nor could she predict the way the land, animals and people of Glenmore will capture her heart.
Callie is faced with impossible choices. But she must find the courage to decide where her future lies, even if it costs her everything she holds dear.


This historical romance/crime is set in Perth during the Second World War. Nell is an Australian journo, and quite the fashionable lady, and Johnny is a captain with the American Press Corps who has a bit of a shady romantic past.
Johnny’s ex-lover, Lena Mitrovic, has been convicted of the murder of caddish artist Rick Henzell. Convinced of Lena’s innocence, Johnny ropes Nell in to help him find the truth. During their investigation, they uncover a seedy and unsavoury side to wartime Perth. British, Australian and American servicemen are in the city looking to have a good time and many of the local girls are seeking excitement and romance. What they find is less wholesome. Some of these young girls fall into prostitution and become “Lost Girls”.
Nell hopes to improve conditions for these Lost Girls and for the women in Fremantle Gaol. Johnny hopes to find the true killer of Rick Henzell. The chemistry between the two main characters is immediate. They are both attractive, witty, sassy and willing to throw themselves into the fray. But Nell is “engaged” to an Australian lawyer and suspicious of Johnny’s reputation. As well she might be…

So, that’s it for me. What books have you added to your shelves this week?


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