I’m back!

Hello! We’ve returned from our honeymoon!

It wasn’t quite the summer in Europe we’d hoped for as the contininent appears to have had an unusually long winter with plenty of rain and lots of oh so cold days. BUT, we had an awesome time and have returned undoubtedly a couple of kilos heavier and feeling very content.

Some of you have asked for wedding pics… well here’s a few sneak peaks. We’ll be meeting with our photographer sometime in the next week to pick up our professional shots, but here are a couple of pics our photographer sent us while we were away (they are still watermarked).

wedding pic 1

wedding pic 2

We had an amazing day. The sun was out, everything went to plan and I made it down the aisle without tripping over! The day went quickly, but I feel that our choice to have a small wedding was well worth the stress (managing family guest list requests) as we were really able to make the most of the day and spend time with as many of our loved ones as possible.

Thank you all for your well wishes for our big day and for those of you who continued to stop by and read my posts while I was gone. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon and get some new release reviews up next week.

I’ll also share some pics from our holiday and some of the highlights of our trip. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to post many updates on my travel blog while I was gone, but there’s a couple of posts about our stay in Germany up at the moment and there will be plenty more to share over the next coming weeks.




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