Claytons (RWA) 2013 Wrap-up

As I mentioned late last week, the annual Clayton’s conference was held over the weekend by the Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) association and it was a blast! I was pretty bummed that I didn’t have the $$$ to attend the live conference over in Fremantle (can’t wait for Sydney next year!) but I’m really glad I logged on to the free presentations hosted at the Clayton’s conference on Saturday.

While my hubby was out with his mates for the day, I took a seat in front of my laptop and joined the forum for the first presentation of the day; Alexandra Sokoloff chatted about The Three Act/ Eight Scene Story Structure. As a pantser I’m a little aversive to plotting which means my rewrites (edits) are quite time consuming. So, Alexandra’s explanation of a story structure as compared to a movie made a lot of sense and was quite simple. I think it will be a useful technique that I’ll try to employ.

I hadn’t planned to stay online all day, but I enjoyed Alexandra’s presentation so much that I decided to stay for Sue Grimshaw’s Quick Pitch presentation, Mel Tescho’s chat about Sexual Tension and Valerie Parv’s revision maze. It was a big day of learning and connecting with other RWA delegates and was very well organised.


Have you joined the RWA?

If you’re a writer, no matter what genre you write in, the RWA provides an abundance of resources for writers at any level whether published or unpublished. I highly recommend the critique partner service.

More information is available at the RWA website.

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