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I can’t believe six weeks has passed since I last put a post on here… it’s been a crazy couple of months! I don’t know how I managed to keep my blog up and running during the lead-up to my wedding and even on my honeymoon… but not afterwards!

The main reason I needed to take a little break is because on top of my 32 hours pw I do at work, I picked up a couple of large freelance (writing) contracts that required me to work up to another 20 hours per week at home on top of that! The thought of picking up a book when I had all that work to do was a little overwhelming, even more so when I knew I’d have to write a review for it.

Thankfully, I’m all caught up on my freelance work and it’s now at a manageable volume. I’ve managed to read a couple of books- which did take weeks to get through- and more recently I picked up a book that I finished in a matter of 2-3 days which is a bit of a record for me at this stage.

So, I hope to get back on track from now on. I certainly won’t be able to catch up on all the books I’ve been sent these past 2-3 months, but I’ll do my best and I expect to get up at least 2 reviews per week until Christmas. I had always planned to reduce the number of books I read and review per month; I just hadn’t planned on taking a hiatus for such a long period of time. Realistically, 1-2 book reviews per week should be manageable for me in the longer-term. I also plan to do a giveaway over the Christmas period to thank all those followers who have remained patient while I’ve been MIA.

The point is, I plan to get this blog back on track ASAP and drop by my fellow bloggers sites to say hello very soon!

Reviews to come soon:
Covet by Tara Moss

Outback Dreams by Rachael Johns

Poppy’s Dream by Karly Lane


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