Aussie Book Review: Tea House in the Lime Trees by Elizabeth Martin

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Boolarang Press, May 2014

 Synopsis- Coffeeholic Claire, blissfully in love, answers an ad for her dream job – as a travelling companion to Italy; the home of food, culture, art, fashion and of course, COFFEE.

But her plans unravel quickly. Claire finds herself in Dimbulah, Far North Queensland, the home of nothing. Without Tom it’s like she’s lost everything, even her taste for coffee. That is until Paul arrives, the handsome heir to the Dimbulah farm, on a glittering Ducati. Paul’s enthusiasm for life is infectious. He ignites in Claire a passion for the beauty of the area, the food of the tropics and the ‘other’ drink, tea.

Review- A couple of years ago I read the fun and witty chic lit novel set in far North Queensland, The Coffeeholic and the Cafe (also known as All You Need is Love and Coffee) by Elizabeth Martin. So, I was quite interested to see where the story would lead when I was contacted about reading Martin’s sequel, Tea House in the Lime Trees.

Claire and her boyfriend Bruce have had a blissful couple of months travelling North Queensland, but as their finances start to dwindle they decide it’s time to find some work and save up for their next big adventure. When Claire is offered a position as a travelling companion and Bruce accepts a job in mining, they are both over the moon. Together, they will be starting a new adventure in the Home of Coffee! Unfortunately, a misunderstanding leads to the realisation that Claire and Bruce’s idea of the Home of Coffee is substantially different. Their jobs are in different countries!

Devastated by this setback in their plans for the future, Claire and Bruce mutually accept their long distance relationship and intend to reconnect when their three month postings end. The ever so bubbly and eager Claire is thrilled about her new job… she can’t believe she’s really going to Italy!

Unfortunately another misunderstanding for Claire means that her dream job is quickly slipping away. Instead she’s left with a huge farm in the sticky, hot Far North Queensland town of Dimbulah. Even I felt completely deflated. Poor Claire!

Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of running such a huge property and missing her boyfriend who is uncontactable in a remote location she is vulnerable to the charms of the owner’s nephew Paul who bulldozes his way in to her life with the promise of fun, fanciful ideas and lots of tea. Coffeeholic Claire is in awe of the energy he brings and is quickly swept up in his dream to resurrect the Dimbulah Tea House. They get to work; renovating and advertising with a dash of playful flirting- only to stop for a tea break.

Martin creates an eccentric cast of characters and I can’t help but like Claire’s naive zest for life which propelled me through the story. Just like Cyclone Angela erupting through Dimbulah, Tea House in the Lime Trees sucked me in and spat me out and before I knew it I’d finished the book!

Loved the setting, loved the characters and I continue to enjoy Martin’s witty protagonist Claire. I wonder what she’ll be up to next?


 Overall Rating


“I loved this book!”

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