Aussie Book Review: Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J. Mcleod

Season of Shadow and Light  (The Seasons Quartet)  Season of Shadow and Light by Jenn J. Mcleod


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Simon & Schuster, May 2015

 Synopsis- Sometime this season…

The secret keeper must tell.

The betrayed must trust.

The hurt must heal.

When it seems everything Paige trusts is beginning to betray her, she leaves her husband at home and sets off on a road trip with six year old Matilda, and Nana Alice in tow.

But stranded amid rising floodwaters, on a detour to the tiny town of Coolabah Tree Gully, Paige discovers the greatest betrayal of all happened there twenty years earlier.

Someone knows that truth can wash away the darkest shadows, but…

Are some secrets best kept for the sake of others?

Review- Season of Shadow & Light is the third in a loosely linked series by Jenn J. Mcleod. On a whim, Paige takes off on a two week holiday with her Nana Alice and her six year old daughter Matilda to escape relationship problems with her unfaithful husband. She also hopes to find out more about her deceased mother by returning to her hometown in the country.  But there’s flooding and car issues so their road trip takes a detour to Coolabah Tree Gully, much to Alice’s dismay- she’s pretty keen to get on the road and keep a close eye on Paige. However, Paige and Matilda quickly make friends with the local townsfolk and Paige particularly enjoys the attention of local chef, Aiden.

The narrative alternates between Aiden, Paige and Alice and it’s through these differing viewpoints that their past, secrets and dreams are unveiled. I quite enjoyed how Mcleod lets the story unravel slowly, the past catching up with the present and placing an obstacle in the paths of the characters who wish to create a better future. At times I found Alice a little frustrating, I really wanted her to come clean with Paige much earlier on, but the suspense does carries the story toward the climax at the end. Aiden and Paige are likeable, realistic characters and Mcleod sensitively allows their attraction to blossom while allowing Paige the space to process the breakdown of her marriage. Matilda adds energy and life to the story, while Alice adds wisdom and complexities to the character development and the plot.

An enjoyable, character-driven read with just the right amount of suspense and small-town antics to make this a worthy addition to Mcleods Seasons series.

Overall Rating


“I loved this book!”

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