Aussie Book Review: The Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer

The Saddler BoysThe Saddler Boys by Fiona Palmer


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Penguin Random House, September 2015

Synopsis- Schoolteacher Natalie has always been a city girl. She has a handsome boyfriend and a family who give her only the best. But she craves her own space, and her own classroom, before settling down into the life she is expected to lead.

When Nat takes up a posting at a tiny school in remote Western Australia, it proves quite the culture shock, but she is soon welcomed by the swarm of inquisitive locals, particularly young student Billy and his intriguing single father, Drew.

As Nat’s school comes under threat of closure, and Billy’s estranged mother turns up out of the blue, Nat finds herself fighting for the township and battling with her heart. Torn between her life in Perth and the new community that needs her, Nat must risk losing it all to find out what she’s really made of – and where she truly belongs.

Review- This will be another short and sweet review as I read it in the week leading up to my daughter’s birth and life has been busy, busy, busy since then! I love Palmer’s rural romance novels as they are easy to read, have well-developed characters and a great Aussie setting. The Saddler Boys is no exception, set in an outback town in South Australia with an interesting hero and heroine love story.

Nat is a schoolteacher from the city who takes up a posting at the small town school as her last attempt at independence before she marries her fiance and starts a family. The locals aren’t put off by her smart attire or feminine presence and welcome her into the town; even trying to convince her to stay on at the end of the year. Nat falls in love with the town, her students and it’s not long before her engagement is tested when she develops feelings for little Billy’s father Drew Saddler. Their strong friendship is tested on many levels and Nat struggles to come to terms with the direction of her life- what was expected of her and what she truly wanted. The story is set against a backdrop of small town politics, poor resources and a fight to keep the local school running. Nat is a strong female character and I really enjoyed reading this book. Bring on more Palmer novels!

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“I loved this book!”


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